Get a full course of Japanese culture by learning how to cook delicious fresh udon noodles while enjoying Origami crafts. 

Let's make Japanese traditional noodle, Udon!!
- Begin by making your very own udon noodles from scratch.
- Mix the flour, water and carefully knead your noodles to the perfect firmness.
- While letting the noodle dough rest, enjoy a fun origami class. 
- Carefully fold colorful pieces of paper and learn step by step to make a pretty craft to take home!

Making Udon at Wakalture class
Trying origami at Wakalture class
Once your noodles have been rolled out, cut and cooked, get ready to savor your own freshly cooked udon noodles!
Take home your artwork and a handy recipe to continue your pursuit of Japanese culture even after returning home.
Enjoy delicious udon noodles made by you!
* Udon making and calligraphy class is available also.

Optional: participate in the tea ceremony experience

I do not have a certificate to teach tea ceremony, so I am introducing another place specially for participants in Wakalture Experience.
Join Wakalture's tea ceremony class
You will get instructions about tea ceremony, tea, and sweets (tea is always served with traditional and beautiful Japanese sweets) then be served green tea. After that, you will make tea by yourself :)
The cost of participating in this plan is ¥8,000 per person. ¥3,000 additional if you want to wear kimono in the class (kimono option is for women only)
It will depend on how many people attend the class but approximately 1.5 hours for 2 people and 2 hours for 3 people. The place will be shown by me on the day or address will be told after the reservation.
Join Wakalture's tea ceremony class

Special offer for participants in this plan

Origami earrings handmade by Wakalture
Hand made origami earrings are available for sale at the class, ¥1,000 only for one pair at Wakalture.
If you would like to purchase the earrings, please mention in the message of the request form. You can also take a look at the earrings when you come to my class.

Who is Wakalture?

Wakana(和香奈)+ Culture= Wakalture

Hi, I'm Wakana.
I was born and raised here in Tokyo. I've lived in Australia (Gold Coast) and Canada (Toronto) to study English. I didn't think I could communicate with people from other countries but now I speak English and I really like to meet new people, make friends and talk about different cultures.
I've been learning Japanese Calligraphy, shodo since I was 8-years old and got a teaching license when I was 22-years old.
I like it because I can concentrate on only doing Calligraphy. That makes me relaxed. It's the best way of de-stress.
I also studied Nutrition and have worked as a dietician. I love to eat, I live to eat!! Most of English words I memorized at first were about food indeed. If you like fish, I can take you to the best Japanese restaurant!!
I have set-up the Wakalture Experience as I want to teach Japanese culture in a fun way to visitors of Japan. My main goal is to help visitors to Japan have a memorable time here in Japan:)

What’s special at Wakalture?

No translators at Wakalture

Using translators could bring misunderstandings sometimes and they convey less information. I want to communicate with visitors directly so that everyone can understand everything clearly. I’m not a native English speaker but I will do my best!! I love talking to people from all over the world:)

Really “REAL” Japan

I only teach visitors things for which I have experience in and know about well.
Calligraphy・・・I am a licensed Calligrapher and I’ve been practicing Calligraphy for 21 years.
Cooking・・・I learnt Nutriton at Kagawa Nutriton University and have worked as a dietician.

Find out more about Wakalture


The article by Hub Japan introducing Wakalture: "Japanese calligraphy & Udon cooking classes in Akihabara, Wakalture"

Meeting place

6-9-7 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 4th Floor

Japanese udon cooking experience in Tokyo with origami class by an English-speaking instructor