There’ something for everyone in Yokohama. And Yokohama’s pride: The Maritime Museum is a part of it, and now you will know why:

Open to the public since 1985 as a museum ship and full-sail exhibition piece, the Nippon Maru is one of Yokohama’s grandest and treasures.

Yokohama Port Memorial Hall

Yokohama Port Memorial Hall. From Wikipedia

1. The Richness of history

The maritime museum mixed local Japanese maritime history and the science behind marine technologies. It also details Yokohama’s role as a major international port. Just at one location but you can see most of the Yokohama’s pride and treasures: Yokohama Port Museum, Sail Training Nippon Maru and the Nippon Maru itself!

NYK Maritime Museum

NYK Maritime Museum. From Wikiepdia

2. Back to the 1920’s in a flash

The richness of history and the magnificent of the Nippon Maru, with the fresh atmosphere, you will feel totally relaxed. Through photo exhibitions, models and interactive screens (Japanese and English), the Maritime Museum in Yokohama shows both stages of port development – the forced opening by Commodore Matthew Perry – and also the evolution of shipbuilding technologies. Exactly the 1920s scene!

3. Inspect the treasured Nippon Maru

Highlight of the visit: opposite the museum at the foot of the Landmark Tower, a beautiful four-masted ship awaits visitors in the harbor area Minato Mirai 21, for a dip through time. 

The Nippon Maru, most famous sailboat Japan, is a witness to history. Built in 1930, this training ship was dry-docked and restored to its original specs after 50 years of loyal service.

During the top to bottom boat tour, the captain’s cabin remains one of the favorite attractions. And once a year, you can watch the hoisting of the 29 sails of Nippon Maru. A unique show!

Nippon Maru

Nippon Maru. From Wikipedia

4. Best place to spark your imagination

What a lot of visitors don’t know, however, standing discreetly in the shadows of one Japan’s most prized naval treasures, is the Yokohama Maritime Museum. It is one of my favourites places in the city to visit when I need to think, because it’s never that crowded, always quiet, and filled with interesting things to spark the imagination.

The maritime museum mixed local Japanese maritime history and the science behind marine technologies. It also details Yokohama’s role as a major international port. What I like best about the YMM is its numerous hands-on, interactive displays.

The entire Memorial Park

The entire Memorial Park. From Wikipedia

5. Enjoy various unique events 

From the Flea Market, Bass band concert, you will have the chance to join in the Paper Craft class (held every Sunday and Holidays) as well as Paper ship folding along with Quiz rally for kids every Saturday!

Especially, The Full-sail exhibition, with the participation of nearly a hundred volunteers unfurl NIPPON MARU’s 29 sails. The exhibitions are held about 12 times a year!

Spacious area for events!

Spacious area for events! From Wikipedia

5 minutes walk from Sakuragicho Station on JR Negishi Line or Yokohama Municipal Subway-Blue Line
5 minutes walk from Minatomirai Station or Bashamichi Station on Minatomirai Line 

2-1-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-Ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 220-0012

10:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m.

Closed on Monday (Tuesday if Sunday or Monday is public holiday), year-end holidays and other temporary closing.

High school students & over ¥600. Elementary and junior high school students, Senior (65 years & over) ¥300.