Casual gourmet, B-grade gourmet, B-class gourmet, etc. There’re many names to call this kind of cheap but various and full of traditional taste all over Japan. B-grade foods are everywhere within Japan such as yakisoba, ramen,… but in Tokyo, the capital city and most crowded place of this country, there are festivals held all around the year that many restaurants from a lot of places gather at one place and choose the number one restaurant. Those are for sure make you feel like going on a gourmet trip around Japan!

Curry Festival


Try various kinds of curry from all parts of Japan at curry festival!

Try various kinds of curry from all parts of Japan at curry festival!

It is a festival held in Kanda, the town of curry, which welcomes more than 50,000 people visit. There are more than 300 curry restaurants in Kanda, and 20 of them are chosen to join the festival by local residents’ votes. This festival is open for 2days, October 31st and November 1st at Ogawa-Square, between Jimbocho-Station and Ochanomizu-Sation, Kanda. Opening ceremony is held at 10:40 and the restaurants will start selling their curry from 11:00 a.m. so be sure to be there in order to avoid the crowds as well as to enjoy all the curry to find out what’s the best curry restaurant in town.

Meat Festival

Meat, meat, and meat!

Meat, meat, and meat! From Instagram

To be held at “Symbol Promenade Park” in Odaiba, 3mins walk from Tokyo-teleport station, Tokyo, since May 2014, Meat festival has become popular and has been opened for 3 times and attracts more than 1,640,000 visitors. The name of the festival says it all! it gathers about most 30 popular and professional meat gourmet restaurants and everyone has the chance to enjoy delicious meat as to find out the champion restaurant. You will need to buy ticket (700yen) in order to buy the food. Meat festival is mostly held during holiday seasons.

Tokyo Ramen Show

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To be held every year around October in Komazawa Olympic Park, 15 minute-walk from Komazawa Digaku Station, Tokyo, Ramen Show is the all-time favorite festival in Japan

The festival has called in more than 40 ramen gourmet restaurants participation, and also creates dream collaboration ramen just for the festival. You can enter the festival free of charge, but when you buy ramen, a ticket (850yen) is needed.


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