Yukata is a casual summer kimono usually made of cotton. If you visit Japan in summer, you will see many people with yukata in town, because we wear yukata when they go to traditional Japanese fireworks festivals (and those festivals are held somewhere almost every weekend!). Yukata are very cute with various kinds of prints, and I would highly recommend to shop yukata as your survenir to take home.

The price of yukata has some range. Today I will introduce 2 shops that you can get cheaper yukata, about ¥6,000-¥7,000.

1. Uniqlo

from Wikipedia

Some of you might have heard of Uniqlo. Uniqlo is a casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer, which has shops in 18 countries including Japan. Uniqlo used to sell yukata but wasn’t making for past few years. In 2015 summer, they are selling yukata again.

Prints of Uniqlo’s yukata is more casual and modern, I think.

You can find Uniqlo shop pretty much everywhere all over Japan. They are in most famous Tokyo spots such as Shinjuku, Shibuya.

They sell by online to some countries too. Details are in their official website: http://www.uniqlo.com/us/women/featured/yukata.html

2. Shimamura

Shimamura is another a casual wear retailer, which has over 1,300 shops (as of August 2015) all over Japan.

Shimamura’s yukata comes with the set of obi and geta (“geta” is the shoes like sandals to wear with yukata).

Shimamura shops are tend to be in countryside, but there are shops in  Asakusa and Takadanobaba. Takadanobaba is just 2 stations away from Shinjuku by Yamanote-Line. (as of August 2015)

Finally, here is a quick YouTube movie by Uniqlo explaining how to wear a yukata. Shop yukata, bring back home, watch this movie, and wear yukata in summer!