Asakusa is one of the place with long history, and it is a popular place to visit both for Japanese and those who came from outside of Japan. Ueno is also located close to Asakusa, where there are lots of thing to see such as Ueno Zoo and Ameyoko(アメ横). Today I will introduce a one day tour walking around from Asakusa to Ueno.

1. Sensoji(浅草寺) in Asakusa

Sensoji (浅草寺, Sensōji, also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple) is one of the most famous temple in Tokyo. Get to the street from Exit No.1  of Ginza-line Asakusa station, you will see Kaminarimon gate. It is the symbol of Asakusa, so you might want to take a picture here.

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Once you enter the Kaminarimon gate, you will see shopping street called “Nakamise-Dori(仲見世通り)”. Nakamise Dori is one of the oldest shopping street in Japan, has about history of 500-600 years.

Walking through the street, there will be a temple repository and a five‐storied pagoda. It is fun to try “Ema”, which is a small wooden plate to write your wishes, and hang around an area in temple.

2. Nakamise-Dori(仲見世通り)Shopping Street to Find Japanese Survenir

Asakusa is called from Japanese as “Shitamachi” which means old and historical street. There are lots of old details left in this street “Nakamise-Dori”, you can enjoy tips of Japanese culture walking around this street. There are also lots of Japanese survenir shops and little snacks that you can stop by.



3. Japanese Lunch and Dessert in Asakusa

Enjoy Japanese food in Asakusa! For dessert, I will recommend Japanese style such as “Oshiruko(おしるこ)” and “shiratama-zenzai(白玉ぜんざい)”. They are both made with red beans, and gentle sweetness would definitely make your tiredness go away.



4. Ueno Zoo, See Cute Panda and Drink Beer

Now move to Ueno. It is one stop away from Asakusa by train, approx 30 minutes walk, or you can also take a taxi.

If you think about a zoo in Tokyo, Ueno Zoo is definitely the one. 400 kinds and 3,000 animals live there. Many families and couples visit here in weekends.



Panda is especially popular in this zoo, and always crowded. There are places that you can drink beer.

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5. Walk and Eat in Ameyoko(アメ横)

Time for eating tour! In Ameyoko there are hundreds of stores on both sides of the street. You can enjoy street foods from all over the world. They have this special atmosphere that make you feel fun to just walk down the street. Try fruit bar near the entrance of Ameyoko.



How do you like Asakusa and Ueno one day tour?

Those are the most famous and popular place to visit. Let me hear your comments after the visit!