Yamagata is the prefecture famous for Beef and Soba. Its hand-made soba are made by traditional techniques handed down from generation to generation, and there’re varieties kind of soba noodles, each traditional soba restaurant of Yamagata has its own taste and style. Especially, Yamagata has its “Niku soba” the most popular. “Niku” literally means meat, it’s a cool soba-noodles which has chiken and fleek as toppings. Originated in Kahoku-cho, during Taisho era, sometimes it’s also called “cold wild plants chicken soba”, this niku-soba is very popular in the summer. Below are some reasons why you should try this delicious soba

The most unique cold soba ever!

Different from ordinary cold soba/ramen, Yamagata niku soba’ soup is buckwheat cold soup with rich chicken broth, brings the richness, sweetness in flavor, also remain the not too sweet fat from the chicken broth. The main ingredients of this soba is chiken, not beef or pork like other ordinary soba. All of these different ingredients from the soup base to the ingredients as well as toppings make the soba extraordinary.

Yamagata’s local speciality, niku soba

Yamagata’s local speciality, niku soba. From Flickr

It is not that cold

In fact, local people say that the temperature of the soba is just the same degree as the normal temperature in the rainy season. Different from other kinds of cold soba that sometimes they put ice into the soba bowl, this noodles ‘ temperature rather close to room temperature, because if it’s too cold, chiken’s fat will emerge in white, which reduces the deliciousness for the dish.

Chottotei, the most famous Niku Soba restaurant

In the most famous Yamagata soba shop, Chottotei, which welcomes more than 150 guests a day, there’s time that people have to line up outside the restaurant waiting to try this delicacy.

At Chottotei, they offer many flavor of the soba for you to try, whether sweet, salty or even spicy, so with people who usually complain about Japanese and their ability to handle spiciness, have a bowl of spicy noodle and see the different!

Collaboration with Katsu don (pork cutlet on rice)

With the simple looks as any other meal set you may see in Japan, a set of this collaboration includes one bowl of cold soba, a small bowl of rice with fried pork cutlet on top. I believe this makes an excellent meal for you in this weather also healthiness. 

Chottotei’s Katsu don and Niku soba

Chottotei’s Katsu don and Niku soba. From Flickr

Excited yet? Check out Chottotei and experience yourself!


2 Chome-17-2 Yakushimachi Yamagata-shi, Yamagata prefecture

11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Closed on Wednesdays

(Japanese only)

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