Tokyo is such an urban city that has lots of skyscrapers. Therefore, night views are amazing as it is in New York City. If you visit Tokyo, spend one night climbing up the skyscraper, and enjoy the view of Tokyo from high above! You will see an amazing view. Today I will introduce 3 spots to enjoy a great night view.

1. Shinjuku “Park Hyatt Hotel”

Located near Shinjuku station, this hotel got famous by the film, “Lost In Translation”. Yes, this is where Bob and Charlotte were staying, and spending time at the bar.

In 52nd floor of this building, a bar called “New York Bar UNPLUGGED” is there. You can look down the Tokyo night view, while enjoying a cool jazz music. Don’t worry if you are not staying this hotel, the bar is open to everyone.

For further information, please refer to their website:


2. Ikebukuro “Sunshine City 60 Observatory”

Ikebukuro is about 6 minutes from Shinjuku by Yamanote line. One of the major shopping and eating spots in Tokyo, there are a tall observatory to see around the city of Tokyo.

The building is Called “Sunshine City”. You walk through the shopping street of Ikebukuro, it is about 10 minute walk from Ikebukuro station. View from the top is astonishing. You can see Tokyo Sky Tree Tower.

There are also an aquarium, a planetarium and shopping mall in Sunshine City. For detailed information, please refer to their official website. (As of 2015 summer, it is closed for reconstruction until 2016 spring)

Sunshine City


3. Roppongi Hills “Tokyo City View”

One of the highest observatory in Tokyo, Roppongi Hills. You can see both Tokyo tower and Tokyo Sky Tree Tower, and Mount Fuji from here! There are also a sky deck, where you can see the view without the window. Be careful when you go, because it is so windy and freezing in winter!

Inside observatory is 360°around and all in glasses so that you can enjoy the full view.

For more information, please visit the official website.

Roppongi Hills “Tokyo City View” :



Wish visiting these places? Recommended time to visit is around sunset, so that you can see both the sunset and the night view. Experience to see the Tokyo sunset from above will definitely memorable. I will introduce some other places soon.


Thumbnail image is from Flickr