Tokyo, the capital of Japan wonderful city for travelers, and one would highly recommend it to anyone. It’s clean, safe, has riches for everyone (whether you’re enamored with pop culture, history, food, fashion, shopping, the list goes on …) and there are English signs – and even English announcements – pretty much everywhere so the things will be easier for a traveler.

You can hit the “top ten” tourist attractions in Tokyo in a condensed three-day itinerary, but beyond that there are millions of more low-key things to do in Tokyo. Neighborhoods to explore, parks to stroll through, unique shops and shopping districts, museums and galleries… Even if you never leave the metropolitan area you can occupy yourself every day, and with two full weeks you can do it in a relaxed manner. You will probably end your trip with a long list of things you didn’t have time for!

Go around museums in Tokyo

Tokyo is a city with hundreds of museums. If you are into the arts, recommend getting a museum pass, also known as a Grutto pass. It is a great value at 2,000 yen. Although unfortunately it doesn’t cover Ghibli and some other major museums, it does give you free admission to a large number of museums, parks, and other attractions. They also have a deal where for an additional 800 yen you get two one-day metro passes (this is not well advertised in English, so ask about it). Visit one of the main tourist information centers early on in your trip.

More about Grutto pass is written on official pamphlet.

The National Art Center in Roppongi is included in Grutto pass

The National Art Center in Roppongi is included in Grutto pass

Take a side trip from Tokyo to breathe fresh air

Most highways and trains start from Tokyo. So, if you change your mind after staying in Tokyo, you can take trips to other cities easily from Tokyo. Many reasonable/cheap bus tours (but Japanese language) are popular in Japan. Highway bus runs many cities from Tokyo; it cots less than JR trains such as shinkansen.

To Hakone, Nikko, Kamakura; there are private company trains and they sell sightseeing pass tickets. 7 days are just a limit as to when most JR passes expire.


Hakone is a great destination for onsen

Hakone is a great destination for onsen

Some best places for side trips are introduced in this article: 6 Best Places For A Side Trip From Tokyo

Spend a fulfilled day in attractions which need plenty of time to see

Disneyland is another wonderful place that one would recommend but it is very difficult to visit all the places there in Tokyo Disneyland from a single day and the Tokyo DisneySea too would be the same, but if you can add these two places to your travel spots, your two weeks will be much more interesting. There are 2 Days free pass that you can enter both DisneyLand and DisneySea freely. Buy the ticket and stay in Tokyo Disney Resort Hotel would be a memorable thing to do.

Cinderella’s castle in Tokyo DisneyLand is a must see

Cinderella’s castle in Tokyo DisneyLand is a must see

There are also Sanrio Puroland in west part of Tokyo, where you can meet Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty. Those places are a bit far from central Tokyo, and will let you spend full day never getting bored.

Spend slow time in major cities of central Tokyo

Shinjuku, Akihabara and Ginza will be another most important places that one can recommend strongly for a foreigner but visiting these places will cost you much more money. To spend sunny days visit Shinjuku Gyoen and Ueno Koen is also a local thing to do. Above all, the most important place an individual or a traveler should put his or her eye into is the Tokyo sky tree and the Tokyo tower. The sceneries will be much more wonderful at night. Don’t worry, Two weeks will give you enough time to chill out, enjoy yourselves and revisit some areas that you love.