Every country has their own twist on pancakes: the light French crepe, the fluffy American pancake, the English one with lemon and sugar, or the Korean with spring onions. The Japanese love their pancake; all around the capital city there are many places where you can treat yourself for a delicious pancake, Tokyo style!

1. Clinton Street Bakery

With shops in New York City, Dubai and Singapore, the Japanese branch of Clinton Street Bakery is located in Aoyama. This café serves American style pancakes, waffles and other breakfast foods from the morning until late at night. Being a popular place to eat out, there’s often a massive line at the door, if you want to know why is this place so popular with the locals, go and check it out for yourself!

Clinton Street Bakery’s Strawberry and Banana Pancake

Clinton Street Bakery’s Strawberry and Banana Pancake. From Instagram

2. WEST Aoyama Garden

This beautiful café is located in the old Aoyama store that has reopened in 2008. In a newly furbished spacious location, the café has a limited selection of hot desserts and tarts. Their specialty pancakes are topped with butter and syrup, the simpler the better.

WEST Toyama Garden’s pancake.

WEST Toyama Garden’s pancake. From Instagram

3. Cafe Kaila

The owners originally came from Honolulu, and thus this café has a Hawaiian vibe to it. Even the pancakes decorated with flowers, this place always has a long line. The café in Omotesando is famous for its delicious pancakes topped with plenty of fruits, cream, syrup, chocolate – you name it! With reasonable prices, this café definitely worth the wait.

Cafe Kaila’s Hawaiian pancake

Cafe Kaila’s Hawaiian pancake. From Instagram

4. Rainbow Pancake

Another super popular shop, with usually a long line of people waiting for their orders to be taken, Rainbow Pancake is still known for their amazing service – and their amazing pancakes. Fluffy and soft, the pancakes are tastefully presented in this cute shop in Harajuku, downtown Tokyo. In this shop you cannot only find your typical chocolate and cream pancakes, but also savory ones with for example avocado.

Rainbow Pancake’s pancake.

Rainbow Pancake’s pancake. From Instagram

5.  Bills Omotesando

On the 7th floor of Tokyu Plaza in Omotesando, Bills serves authentic Australian breakfast, such as ricotta pancakes! With fluffy and heavenly pancakes, Bills definitely worth the hype.

Bills Omotesando’s pancake.

Bills Omotesando’s pancake. From Instagram

6. Parkside Diner

Great service and high quality food, this restaurant at the Imperial Hotel serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their delicious breakfast options include American style pancakes with fresh fruits, syrup and ice-cream.

Parkside Diner’s pancake.

Parkside Diner’s pancake. From Instagram

7.  Eggs N Things

Located in the area most popular for the youth, Eggs N Things serves, well, eggs and pancakes, topped with cream, fruits, ice cream of your choice. The first branch of the popular Hawaiian restaurant opened in Tokyo and quickly became one of the hotspots for pancakes. This is also an extremely popular place, so get ready to queue for a while before you get seated.

Eggs N Things’s pancake

Eggs N Things’s pancake. From Instagram

8. Original Pancake House

This famous American pancake house opened its first shop in 1953, in Portland. After more than hundred branches in the US, and 60 years later the first Japanese branch has opened its doors in Tokyo in spring of 2013. They have oven baked pancakes, classic American choices, crepes, and waffles on their menu.

Oven baked “Dutch Baby”

Oven baked “Dutch Baby” From Instagram

9. Moena Café Harajuku

A popular place in downtown Tokyo, Moena serves large pancakes with lot of filling that is enough for two people! Perfect for a date in thus cute and cozy café in the backstreets of Harajuku.

Moena Cafe’s gorgeous strawberry pancake

Moena Cafe’s gorgeous strawberry pancake. From Instagram

10.  Sarabeth’s Restaurant

One of the best places for Breakfast in Tokyo, Sarabeth’s is located at the South exist of the busy Shinjuku station. With delicious pancakes and eggs, this place has something to offer to everyone. Don’t forget to ask for the seasonal specials that are not listed on the menus!

Chocolate pancake at Sarabeth’s Restaurant

Chocolate pancake at Sarabeth’s Restaurant. From Facebook