The trip to Japan you are looking forward to. "If I go to Japan, there should be something wonderful discovery!” Your heart is filled with happy expectation, right? Meeting with Japan will be your wonderful experience that will never be forgotten.

Japan is visually interesting country. Architectures, wonderful shrines, nature, sceneries... it's all a sight for your eyes, and you could explore for years and still discover new alleyways and streets to get lost in.

There are lots of things to do after arriving in Japan, traveling around sightseeing spots that are touched in Japan, uploading pictures to social media, enjoying delicious Japanese cuisine, etc. To do those, you must travel by complicated train transfers!
If you go to Japan, you would like to enjoy Japan without stress, right? So, what kind of preparation is necessary to make traveling in Japan fun? Let's see some advice from seasoned Japan travelers.

What are the things that troubled them the most when they are in Japan?
"It was a missing free public wireless LAN environment." (Japan Tourism Agency Examined)
It is surprising, is not it? Do you have impressions that Japan is still developing Wi-Fi environment?

Even if you thought that a Japan free Wi-Fi spot could be used just like your home country, in fact, it has not developed enough, and even if there is a free Wi-Fi spot, you need to enter personal information and follow the necessary procedure. It is a little troublesome.
Cannot use the Internet freely at all!

Photo by Gilles Lambert on Unsplash

Photo by Gilles Lambert on Unsplash

Internet environment is important, is not it?
In Japan where train transfers are complex, it is quite difficult to go to various areas without internet environment besides there are not so many Japanese people who can speak English. I know that when you come to Japan, you do not want to worry or struggle in anyways. That's why seasoned Japan travelers said that the Internet environment is essential for Japan travel.
Are you getting nervous? Don't worry, I will introduce Lucky Wi-Fi which is perfect for accompanying such a trip.

There are several Wi-Fi rental companies, but Lucky Wi-Fi is perfect for you! The following eight good points!

Lucky Wi-Fi
  1. The rental fee is affordable! From 1day/400JPY.
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    You can pick up at the airport or hotel. After you’ve finished, just drop it in any mailbox within Japan
  3. Can connect with a large number of people! (If you borrow one, you can use it with all family members
  4. Same day shipping! very fast!
  5. The procedure is very easy!
  6. The best point is " Unlimited Data Access!!"
  7. Fast speed!!
    Pocket Wi-Fi 303ZT supports massive MIMO so that you can connect smoothly in crowded spaces. Supports 4G LTE ultra-high-speed data communication. (MAX216Mbps)
  8. Long-Lasting!!
    While using Wi-Fi FS030W, the maximum available time is 20 hours! Long period internet usage for Wi-Fi Bluetooth playback of up to 24 hours of battery, so you can enjoy using it for long periods with ease.

It is only Lucky Wi-Fi with such excellent features that other companies do not have.

A woman holding her smartphone

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