When you explore beautiful Matsushima islands, you need a place to rest. Shokado is the perfect place to have a cup of coffee because they have the best Castella in Matsushima and the best view from the cafe.

Shokado has more than 100 years history



Shokado. The cafe is on the second floor


The first generation of Shokado started the business as a confectionary. They became a cafe at some times and confectionary again at other times. They are not a 100-year castella producer, but they have been doing their business at the same location for more than 100 years.

The current president, the fifth generatio, became in charge in 2010, and made the concept “less is more”. Castella is a very simple snack. Use fresh egg produced locally and bake in the latest oven. Then it becomes so wet and soft. This simple Castella became so famous because of the taste. Now gets more and more visitors each year.


Shokado Cafe

Simple and delicious castella

Shokado’s signature product castella

Shokado’s signature product castella

Their Castella are very simple simple. It does not have any additional taste. Just pure sweetness. But very delicious. They do not use any preservatives. The Castella are baked freshly in the store everyday.

Shokado’s castella oven inside the cafe

Shokado’s castella oven inside the cafe


You can purchase Castella for takeouts, but they do not last long. It’s best enjoyed at the cafe.

Other menus

Shokado’s soft serve

Shokado’s soft serve


I tried the soft serve too. It was so rich and milky, but not too sweet. It was delicious.

Another signature product is Kinako Dacquoise. Also simple, and delicious.


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Shokado’s Kinako Dacquoise


They also provide pudding, two parfait menus, and shaved ice during summer.

Enjoy the beautiful view of Matsushima Bay

The view of Matsushima Bay from Shokado Cafe

The view of Matsushima Bay from Shokado Cafe


Not only the food but enjoy the beautiful Matsushima Bay from the cafe. There are many restaurants for tourists along the bay, but definitely this cafe has one of the best views. Because the cafe is located on the second floor, you get to see the bay from upper point of view.

The first floor is a gift shop, where you can find beautiful Japanese crafts around Miyagi and other parts of Japan, as well as fresh baked “Big Senbei”, a Japanese rice cracker, and soft serve.


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“Big Senbei” and beautiful Japanese crafts shop on the first floor of Shokado

Shokado Cafe

Chonai-109 Matsushima, Matsushima-machi, Miyagi-gun, Miyagi Prefecture