Designer cat café chain MoCHA recently opened a new branch in Tokyo’s world famous Harajuku neighborhood, and what we have as a result is a match made in cat heaven.

Tokyo has about 58 cat cafés as of 2015. And while there are quite a number of good and established ones from that bunch, we are about to be convinced that this new café on the block – MoCHA Harajuku, could possibly snatch the title of Tokyo’s #1 after just a few months of operations.

Here are some very compelling reasons why we believe so:

MoCHA’s superior visual aesthetic


MoCHA Harajuku’s posh interior styling.

MoCHA Harajuku’s posh interior styling.

Same with MoCHA’s branches in Shibuya and Ikebukuro, Harajuku’s interior styling is on point. MoCHA Cafés, in general, are pretty enclaves you’d want to lounge at whether or not there are kitties involved. Their spaces are so stylish with a casually chic vibe that every corner seems to be Instagram-worthy. It’s a far cry from the no-frills, standard living room ambiance of most traditional cat cafés, and with their concept, MoCHA is definitely reshaping industry standards and in effect, redefining the cat café experience.

Designed with cats and people in mind


A human-friendly cat’s playground.

A human-friendly cat’s playground.

MoCHA Cafés are designed with the end goal of catering to the enjoyment of both cats and humans. Considering space, the café is large enough to comfortably accommodate larger groups of people, but intimate enough to allow for healthy interactions.

On the other hand, decors are creative and well thought of. They are pretty to the eyes while being purposeful. Like for example, the whimsical wooden tree. It serves as a playground for the kitties and a design centerpiece to MoCHA Harajuku’s interiors.

Solid delivery of cat café staples


MoCHA Harajuku’s feeding time hours.

MoCHA Harajuku’s feeding time hours.

They have their fundamentals covered: hygiene & sanitation, proper animal care, friendly customer service, and so on. The usual concerns of a cat café goer are well taken cared of. So all that’s left to do is to have fun and overdose on cat kawaii!!!

Cute cats and even cuter kittens!


MoCHA Harajuku’s curious kittens.

MoCHA Harajuku’s curious kittens.

Hello kitty!

MoCHA Harajuku cats are a young bunch so better expect a lot of extra energy and curiosity from them. This café houses about 20 cats – cute and cuddly ones that will surely steal your heart away.

Don’t have much experience with cats? Don’t you worry! The tried and tested trick to getting their attention is to dangle some kitty treats in front of them. Purchase these from the staff and you’ll get your cat charm on in no time!

There’s something special about Harajuku


MoCHA Harajuku’s resident supermodel.

MoCHA Harajuku’s resident supermodel.

A trip to Harajuku is never boring. No matter how many times you’ve been here, you’ll always manage to find something to be curious about. The neighborhood is this mesh of kawaii, art, fashion, offbeat, and mainstream laced with its own brand of sophistication. It’s a place to spot Tokyo’s most beautiful. If not, at least the most interesting ones.

MoCHA Café fits the Harajuku concept and vice versa. Unique but accessible. Has a flair for keeping things fresh and interesting. Multidimensional. Experiential. Never goes out of style. It goes without saying that combining these two make for an ultra-fashionable tandem. Together, they are a cut above the rest.

So whether a first timer or a regular cat café goer, swing by MoCHA Harajuku and experience it yourself. Tell us whether this hip cat café lives up to the hype of possibly being Tokyo’s #1, the ultimate cat café experience in the city.

Less than a minute walk and right across JR Harajuku Station

4F Cross Avenue Harajuku
1-14-25 Jingu-mae, Shibuya, Tokyo

Monday to Sunday 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM (Last entry at 7:30 PM)

Price Range:
Time-based price starts at ¥200/10mins



*Check the official website for the latest information.