Would you like to join in Japanese cultural experience? The perfect place in Asakusa is “First Memory”.

What is First Memory?

First Memory is a start-up company helps tourists to enjoy amazing Japanese cultural experience in Asakusa. With the CEO Lynn and two sensei (masters); tea ceremony and kimono, they offer various cultural experiences that tourist would love.

Cultural experience at First Memory

Cultural experience at First Memory

At first, Lynn organized a tea ceremony experience for her friends who came to visit her from abroad. She wanted her friends to experience Japanese culture. In the experience, Lynn realized that herself learned a lot by organizing such experiences and he friends could interact with cultures and histories, which made them love Japan more than before. That made her think about organizing other activities, too.

What kind of activities does First Memory offer?

Now, First Memory offers tea ceremony experience, kimono and yukata rental, shakyo (hand copying sutra) experience, yukata wearing lesson, and Ninja experience for children. They are hoping to add more plans in future, such as Ikebana and rural experience at outside of Tokyo.

Kimono wearing experience at First Memory

Kimono wearing experience at First Memory

The unique point of First Memory’s activities is a walk around Asakusa, but unusual sightseeing spots. They are based in Asakusa and know well about hidden gems in the area.

The sample activity: Tea Ceremony experience and Kimono wearing in Asakusa

Tea ceremony experience and kimono wearing activity will be conducted like this: *Tea Ceremony experience is temporarily unavailable at July 2017.

Kimono wearing 2:00 pm – 2:30 pm

1. Hair styling (option)
2. Kimono dressing

Tea ceremony 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

1. Introduction to Chado (Tea ceremony)
2. Watch Otemae (the act of making tea)
3. Enjoy Japanese sweets and matcha
4. Make matcha by yourself
5. Photographs

Details of First Memory

Contact: +81-90-2762-1118
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/first1memory
Instagram: @first_memory_tokyo