In Japan, you can enjoy food from all over the world. We, Japanese enjoy various kinds of food.

Italian food is one of the most popular kind. Today I will introduce “Napolitan Pasta” which might surprise people from Italy. May be we should call it rather Japanese food than Italian food.



To make “Napolitan Pasta”, you fry pasta with pepper, onions, sausages and ketchup all together. Some recipe says that it is better to boil the pasta day before you cook Napolitan Pasta and make the pasta softer, so that moisture won’t get away too much when you fry. In fact, this food was originally borrowed the idea of “Yaki-Udon”, which fries vegetables and Udon all together with soy sauce.

More info about Yaki-Udon is here:

Now “Napolitan Pasta” is all over Japan. Many mothers cook for their children, put in bento-box, eat it as a lunch. Every one of Japanese must have had at least once in their lifetime. Napolitan Pasta became popular in around 1950’s~1960’s.

Especially those who are from Italy, try Japanese style “Napolitan Pasta” in Japan! You may get surprised but we will be happy if you like it. Please give us comments after you try.

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