Are you planning your first trip to Japan and do not know where to begin? Here are some books, and video tips for you that will provide you with information on how to travel, what to do and what to expect in this great country.


National Geographic Traveler: Japan

This travel guide is a great little book that provides you with information on traveling in Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Kyoto, Nagasaki, or Hokkaido, detailed with natural wonders such as national parks, and of course, places off-the-beaten track. The guide not only tells you what to do and where to go, but also offers you cultural and historical context, description of traditions, hiking and walking tours all arranged in a beautifully edited book with stunning pictures.

Lonely Planet Japan

The most resent edition of the book was published in October 2015, which makes Lonely Planet’s guide the most up-to-date and comprehensive travel book. Filled with color maps and images, highlights, itineraries, tips on time and money, essential information such as hours of operation, phone numbers, websites. This guide helps you to personalize your journey based on your interests and budget, through reviews, price indications, and guides how to get around the country.

Lonely Planet Japanese Phrasebook & Dictionary

In many places in Japan it is hard to get by as people do not speak English, but even if they do Japanese language is interesting and fun to learn. Brining a dictionary and phrasebook is a must!

A Geek in Japan: Discovering the Land of Manga, Anime, Zen, and the Tea Ceremony

This witty and funny guide gives you an overview of modern Japanese culture contrasted with the traditional lifestyle. Description of pop cultural references, like anime, manga for those who grew up with Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon or Pokémon are found in this book next to articles on traditional Japanese culture such as geishas or tea ceremony.

Videos and Films

25 Things To Do in Tokyo, Japan with Mark Wiens

This 18-minute YouTube video gives a great impression on what Tokyo is like and what kind of things you can do there. Mark Wiens take you along his adventures shows you how to get around, what he eats and how much things cost.

Japan Travel Guide: 10 Things you need to know Before Coming to JAPAN with Experience JAPAN with YUKA

This 10 minute video tells you 10 important things you should know before you travel to Japan, the Japanese women, Yuka presents insider tips and information in a witty and funny way.

To get an impression of Japan you could also watch documentaries in related topics such as “Jiro Dreams of Sushi“, or “The Kingdom of Dream and Madness, both available on US Netflix.

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