On 14th April 2016 and 16th April 2016, 2 terrible earthquakes hit Kumamoto prefecture in Kyushu region, Japan. The damages are getting bigger and bigger every day and the number of victims keeps rising every day. Earthquakes are still hitting the land continuously (more than 400 times, both large and small) and people are having sleepless nights at shelters because their houses are destroyed or electricity, gas, and water supplies have stopped.

Considering the size of the damages and efforts needed to recover, here are some of the ways to help Kumamoto by donations from outside of Japan. Multiple charity organizations are accepting donations from abroad by credit card or PayPal.

Please note that Hub Japan has no official relation with those organizations, and please visit their official website for the latest and accurate information.


Association for Aid and Relief, Japan

Write down “Kumamoto” in the “Designation” field. You can donate by Paypal.

Global Civing

They have the special page about Kumamoto Earthquake Relief Fund. You can donate by credit cards or Paypal.

Kumamoto Japan Earthquake Bitcoin Relief Fund

Accepts donation by bitcoins. The collected money will be sent to the non-profit organization Peace Winds Japan.

Japanese Red Cross Society

They only have Japanese information about Kumamoto Earthquake Relief Fund hereInformation about donating to the organization is here

The NIPPON FOUNDATION For Social Innovation  (Information in Japanese)

The information is in Japanese but you can donate by credit cards.

Yahoo Japan donation (Information in Japanese)

Yahoo! Japan accepts the donation by credit cards too. However, Information is in Japanese.




Information on this article was updated on 17th April 2016.

Or help economy of Kyushu by visiting there for holidays. Below are some articles introduced about Kyushu in Hub Japan.