Shabu-shabu is a national specialty, complete lunch in a bowl of broth, tasty, juicy and fresh prepared. You can try making this at home, but the taste of Japanese hot pot is the best in one of the traditional Japanese restaurants. Therefore, we recommend you 10 best restaurants, where you can enjoy the tastes of this specialty.

1.Ginza Shabutsu Yoshinosasa (銀座しゃぶ通 好の笹)

Ginza Shabutsu Yoshinosasa is a great restaurant, with good service, where you can take out the family for lunch. Shabu-shabu is very tasty, perfectly prepared. Not only that you can enjoy in various types of Shabu-shabu, but you can also enjoy a rich menu of salads, dishes from vegetables, desserts, and wine.

Address: 2-2-14 Ginza Chuo Tokyo


 2. Neboke Ginza (祢保希 銀座店)

For Neboke restaurant you need to book because it is located only 5 min walk from Ginza and the food is fantastic. Neboke offers good shabu-shabu, tasty and fresh prepared and a multitude of other dishes of meat and vegetables. The interior is lovely decorated, warm and comfortable, so you relax and enjoy in perfectly arranged food.

Address: 7-6-8 Ginza Chuo Tokyo

Website: :

3. Aobaya (青葉家 本店)

Aobaya Restaurant is a place where you can taste a great Shabu-shabu and amazing sukiyaki. A special delicacy represents meat of Matsusaka beef and Kobe beef, which is perfectly prepared as shabu-shabu and sukiyaki.

Address: 6-2-6 Ginza Chuo Tokyo


4. Shabutsu (銀座しゃぶ通)

Only a few minutes walk from Ginza is Shabutsu restaurant, with a tradition long 26 years. They are offering a rich menu of soups and shabu-shabu dishes, as well as their famous sesame sauce, made by the secret recipe from a mixture of 23 kinds of spices.

Address: 6 Chome-9-15 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo


5. Chura Shabu-tei (美らしゃぶ亭)

Chura Shabu-tei is a delightful little restaurant, where you can even bring your baby and carry her personal food. Keep in mind that this is a restaurant with a rich menu of Japanese cuisine. The place is an Okinawa cuisine restaurant (the southernmost prefecture in Japan) and provides pork from Okinawa. You also have an opportunity to celebrate your birthday here.

Address: 8-5-21, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061

Website: :

6. Shabusen (しゃぶせん 銀座コア地下2階店)

Shabusen is a small restaurant, tastefully decorated with a large bar. We recommended you to visit this restaurant, because of great food at very reasonable prices, friendly staff, and spontaneous atmosphere. Shabusen is a single customer specialized restaurant, with a bar counter providing hot pot for each customer.

 Address: 5-8-20 Ginza Chuo Tokyo


 7. Igarashitei (五十嵐邸銀座)

This restaurant is located near several metro stations, so it is easy to find him. Igarashitei is an Izakaya dining serving mainly cuisines from Niigata. In Igarashitei you can try several kinds of local Niigata sake and Niigata Black Wagyu beef and yellow tail, which is a special delicacy. This is something that you have a rare opportunity to try. Shabu-shabu menu at Igarashitei is available only course dinner including Shabu-shabu. The place also serves Niigataʼs craft beer Swan Lake Beer.

Address: 7-16-21, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


 8. Tsumugi (銀座和食 紬)

Tsumugi is a small restaurant, although very popular with excellent shabu-shabu a 3-minute walk from Shimbashi station. For this restaurant, you will be needed, but do not worry, the staff is very friendly and speak English.

Address: 8-5-13, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


9. Zakuro Ginza (ざくろ 銀座店)

Zakuro is a popular restaurant, nicely decorated in a traditional style with tatami mats and comfort seats, located 190 m from Ginza. Interior of this restaurant is promising, but every guest will enjoy the excellent menu, with various shabu-shabu dishes.

Address: 4-6-1 Ginza Chuo Tokyo


 10. Ginza Rangetsu (銀座 らん月)

Luxurious restaurant, with a large hall and few private dining rooms, is located next to Ginza. With a capacity of 320 seats and excellent choice of Japanese dishes, among which there is a great shabu-shabu, Rangetsu is definitely a place, where you can organize lunches and banquets. In Rangetsu an affordable price menu can be found at lunch. Also, there are various wagyu menus more than Shabu-shabu, such as wagyu steak and sukiyaki.

Adress: 3-5-8 Ginza Chuo Tokyo


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Information in this article is as of November 2016. Refer to the official websites for the latest information.

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