This is a report about the test service named "BE A LOCAL". The service changed its content and the name to "MEET & EAT". Visit "MEET & EAT" page to learn more about the new service.

BE A LOCAL is a part of Hub Japan’s service to match local Japanese people and tourists from overseas. We received a request to our Okonomiyaki/Monjayaki plan from a lovely woman from Sweden, who was traveling Kyoto, Hakone, and Tokyo with her father.

Ana Maria and her father, Lennart

Ana Maria and her father, Lennart

Okonomiyaki and Monjayaki in Tsukishima

We met at Tsukishima station, introduced each other, and went straight to “Monja Street” where over 100 Monjayaki restaurants gather. We went into one of them, the restaurant with the history of 50 years. The place was packed with people since it was a Friday.

As we eat Okonomiyaki, we talked about lots of things about our cultures. We discovered lots of common things between Swedish and Japanese culture, and it was so much fun to talk about such things. It was surprising to find that we both like sauna, and some people in Sweden build a sauna in their houses! I would like to visit one of those houses one day!

Try cooking Okonomiyaki

There are two types of Okonomiyaki/Monjayaki restaurants, either staffs cook in front of the customers or customers cook by themselves. The place we went in on the day was the latter. After we had finished eating one Monjayaki and one Okonomiyaki, Ana tried to cook Okonomiyaki for the first time!

Ana putting bonito flakes on Okonomiyaki

Ana putting bonito flakes on Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki ready to eat!

Okonomiyaki ready to eat!

It was such a fun night to have a cultural exchange.

Comments about the day from Ana Maria;

Very nicely organized. Fantastic food and company, culture exchange, good conversation, and hospitality from Sosuke and Mari. We are very happy for this night and we made new friends. Arigato ?

It's your turn to join, let's have a fun time together!

Did you get interested? You can participate from our "MEET & EAT" page!


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