Gyoza are dumplings filled with group meat and veggies such as cabbage, wrapped in a thin dough. Gyoza originally came from China, but have became a popular dish in Japan. Nowadays, you can find gyoza in most of ramen / Chinese restaurants. As it became popular, gyoza expanded from ramen/Chinese restaurants, many gyoza specialized restaurants grew. The famous city for gyoza is Utsunomiya in Tochigi prefecture, but there are many high quality restaurants in Tokyo.

I will introduce 5 recommendation of the gyoza restaurants today.

1. Minmin (みんみん) Akasaka

Akasaka is a district where lots of embassy gather. Therefore, international restaurants have developed historically.

Minmin’s been running business in this district for 43 years. The place looks old but their gyoza is definitely one of the best gyoza in Tokyo.

8-7-4 Akasaka Minato-ku Tokyo

2. Ichimireirei (一味玲玲) Shinbashi

Ichimireirei is a gyoza specialized restaurant in Shinbashi. The owner is from Dailan China. They have variety flavors of gyoza, such as tomato, shrimp, scallop, lemon etc. The taste is more like Chinese traditional gyoza. You can choose how to cook every gyoza, fried, boiled, or deep-fried.

3-19-2 Shinbashi Minato-ku Tokyo

3. Dekkai Gyoza Sou-san No Mise (でっかい餃子 曹さんの店) Shinjuku

This restaurant is frequently sawn on the TV and magazines as the best gyoza place. Their style is Taiwanese and the dough is pretty thick and chewy. You can also order takeout.

1-33-2 Yoyogi Shibuya-ku Tokyo

4.Gyozabo Chohakkai (餃子房 豚八戒) Asagaya

Located in Asagaya, western part of Tokyo where about 10 min from Shinjuku by train, is the place for creative gyoza. Of 5 kinds of gyoza, yaki (fried) gyoza called “hana gyoza (flower gyoza)” is a must see. The shape of this huge gyoza looks like an flower. See the picture on the top left.

3-37-5 AsagayaMinami Suginami-ku Tokyo

5. Fuwaito Gyoza (フアイト餃子) Sugamo

Fuwaito Gyoza is located in the district called Sugamo. Sugamo is a shopping district that is famous for elderly people, it’s also known as “old lady’s Harajuku”. 15min walk from Sugamo station, you will find am unique shape and taste of gyoza. It’s very crunchy and juicy. Be careful for the hot meat juice inside!

3-7-3 Nishisugamo, Toshima-ku Tokyo

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