Narita is known for being the international gateway near the capital, but on top of that, it has other things to offer. There are sights to see, food to eat, and Onsens too. If you have some time before flying out, it’s a nice idea to indulge yourself a little by soaking in a hot therapeutic bath while waiting for your flight. No need to worry about travel time for these Onsens are all just several minutes away from the airport.

Yamato No Yu (大和の湯)


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Yamato No Yu offers you a nice Onsen bath in Narita’s tranquil countryside. In terms of facilities, Yamato No Yu boasts of indoor and outdoor geothermal baths, sauna, and small private baths which require a prior reservation. There are also a spa and fitness centers (for an additional charge) leaving you to choose between a workout or a pampering to go with the Onsen experience if you still have the extra time.

Address: 1630 Odake, Narita, Chiba, Japan

Price: ¥800 (Adults – Weekdays), ¥1,000 (Adults – Weekends, Holidays), ¥300 (Children 6 to 12, accompanied by guardian)


Narita View Hotel

Narita View Hotel is the only hotel in the city with hot spring bath facilities. The natural spring waters that feed its open-air baths are said to be therapeutic and especially good for relieving fatigue, as wells as joint and nerve pains. The hotel’s Onsen is open to non-guests from 12 noon until midnight, and they also offer a complimentary hotel bus service to and from Narita Airport Station.

Address: 700 Kosuge, Narita, Chiba, Japan

Price: ¥1,500 (Adults), ¥750 (Children 4 to 12)


Hana No Yu (華の湯)

Hana No Yu is a popular Onsen among locals because of its central location and a complete relaxation experience. Aside from having different types of tubs to choose from, there are other services that guests can avail of. These include bedrock bathing, sauna, spa, and massage. A sleeping area is also provided for those who want to take a nap after all that pampering, while those who want to have a nice meal can enjoy a traditional Japanese meal at its in-house restaurant.

Address: 2-40-1 Kozunomori, Narita, Chiba, Japan

Price: ¥820 (Adults), ¥410 (Children 4 to 11), ¥100 (Infant)


Tomisato Onsen Kogane no Sato (富里の天然温泉 黄金の里)

The deeper the water source, the more special it is. In the case of Tomisato Onsen, its hot water springs from 1,400 meters underground and with it come minerals with natural healing properties for ailments like blood circulation disorders, arthritis, muscle pains, sprains, and dry skin. Their hot tubs are lined with granite stones, which add to the bath’s therapeutic properties.

Address: 298-7 Nanae Tomisato-shi, Chiba, Japan

Price: ¥680 (Adults), ¥200 (Children 4 to 11), Free (Infant)

Website: (Japanese only)

Aqua Yukari & Yukari Bowl (アクア・ユーカリ)

If you are traveling with kids, Aqua Yukari would be the best place to enjoy that nice bath plus a few other child-friendly activities. This establishment combines relaxation and entertainment best suited for families. The water here is not really Onsen water but to compensate for that, there are several types of indoor and outdoor pools including ones with a slide for kids and a jacuzzi for the adults.

You will find the non-water activities on the 2nd floor. There are karaoke rooms, arcade games, bowling, billiards, table tennis, and a TV room for kids. However, do take note that these activities entail separate charges.

Address: 3 Chome-2-1 Yukarigaoka, Sakura, Chiba, Japan

Price: ¥1,620 (Adults), ¥1,080 (Children 4 to 11), Free (Infant)

Website: (Japanese only)

All price information in this article is as of November 2016.

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