Monjayaki is commonly known as the other version of Okonomiyaki, but with different fillings. Monjayaki is simple but complicated: it has just a few easy ingredients and can be made in under three minutes yet it requires instructions to make. Must be noted that, if sometimes you can eat okonomiyaki with chopsticks, then Monjayaki should be served with moji-bera – a tiny spatula, on a hot plate called “teppan“.

Monjayaki in making.

Monjayaki in making. From Flickr

Tsukishima is a district famous for Monjayaki. This shopping street is called “Monja Street”, which hundreds of Monja restaurants gather. The street has the traditional taste so it is fun to walk around as sightseeing. Most of the restaurants below are located in this interesting location:

1. Iroha (いろは)

Known as Iroha Nishinaka, Iroha is one of the most famous Monjayaki restaurants in Tsukishima since it opened over fifty years ago. It’s always crowded with groups of people queueing. Although you will mostly have to cook yourself, in the beginning, there is still a staff helps you by showing you how, and cooking for you in the first place! And don’t forget to make a reservation beforehand!

Son-Grandpa Building 2F, 3-4-5 Tsukishima Chuo-ku Tokyo

2. Kondo (もんじゃ近どう)

Monja Kondo opened in Tsukishima in 1950 and is the oldest Monjayaki restaurant in Tokyo. One of the special thing about Kondo is it offers over 90 different kinds of toppings to put on your Monjayaki. If you don’t know how to make your own Mojayaki, the shop will send a staff to help you out from the beginning until you finish your meal. Each table has a teppanyaki grill so customers can cook the Monjayaki themselves and add toppings of their choices.

3-12-10 Tsukishima Chuo-ku Tokyo

3. Maguroya (もんじゃまぐろ家)

Marugoya is a small Monjayaki shop, which you may see people lining up quite long if you come late for dinner. The shop is quite small so you probably cannot avoid the smell of Monjayaki stick to your clothes, of course, you’d walk out smell like what you ate. Besides the small and smelly atmosphere, Marugoya serves excellent Monjayaki with various kind of drinks! Maguroya’s specialty is also maguro (tuna), especially they have Kamatoro sashimi (sashimi of the head part of tuna) contains a lot of fat and very juicy!

3-7-4 Tsukishima Chuo-ku Tokyo

4. Yakata Bune

This restaurant is super special than all because it is located on a boat, which you can enjoy the view of Odaiba, Tokyo Bay and Rainbow Bridge while enjoying the “all-you-can-eat” meal! On the boat, you can make your own Monjayaki and even okonomiyaki on a hot teppan plate each group has. It could be really hot inside the ship but you can enjoy a cold beer while you cruise! There are some fireworks going on during summer in Odaiba, which you can see from the cruise. So, check the schedule and go to this cruise when there are fireworks. It’s a once in a lifetime experience you should not miss!

You will need to make a reservation beforehand.

Shinkiba Edomae Kisen


Bonus facts:

Monjayaki restaurants often offer “Anko-maki” for desserts. It’s a crepe made on the iron plate with azuki. It’s very good and only can be eaten in Monjayaki restaurants. Don’t forget to get yours at these restaurants above!

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