Asakusa is a district in Tokyo famous for Senso-Ji Temple. Asakusa, the center of entertainment from the Edo Period, has now become one of the most famous tourist destinations in Tokyo and attracting thousands of people from all over the world every day. Asakusa holds countless attractions, such as temples, shopping, delicious foods, cafes, etc. This list gathers the latest information about attractions and things to do in Asakusa for 2020. Discover 25 best things to do in Asakusa to enjoy the city fully!

What is Asakusa like?

Asakusa has been flourished as downtown from the Edo Period, which is more than 300 years ago. Because it was Tokyo’s downtown from a long time ago, the place leaves the atmosphere of old times, and it feels a lot different from modern districts such as Shibuya and Shinjuku. Asakusa holds countless historical and cultural attractions.

Tips about sightseeing in Asakusa

One day is enough to get the best of Asakusa

Most attractions in Asakusa are gathers in a small area, which makes it easy to see the most of it within a day. However, you should note that Asakusa becomes quite crowded, especially on weekends and in particular seasons when the number of tourist increase. It may take more time than you planned.

Try authentic Japanese food at one of the heritage restaurants

Since Asakusa has flourished from the Edo Period (16th to 18th Century), many restaurants in Asakusa has a long history, and they are serving delicious foods for a long time! Things you should try, especially in Asakusa are tempura, soba, sukiyaki, and Japanese sweets.

1. Visit Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center to learn about Asakusa

Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center is a tourist information facility about Taito-Ku, which is the area Asakusa and Ueno is located. You can not only gather information about Asakusa and surrounding areas. There is a multi-purpose place where the host various workshops and events that tourists can participate in. Starting your day from here would be a great idea, especially if it’s your first visit to the Asakusa area.

Address: 2 Chome-18-9 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo

2. Take a birds eye’s view from the observatory

There is an observatory on the sixth floor of the Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center. Although it’s not too high, you can look down Sensoji Temple, and Nakamise-Dori Shopping Street, and the view is quite nice.
There is also a cafe on the eighth floor if you wish to enjoy the view with a drink. Miharashi Cafe offers light meals and desserts, so it is also a perfect place to take a break from sightseeing while enjoying a beautiful view.

Address: 2 Chome-18-9 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Website (Miharashi Cafe):

3. Start your day with a delicious piece of toast at Pelican Cafe

Pelican Cafe is a cafe open from the morning and offers breakfast menus such as sandwiches and toasts. Because it’s run by a famous bakery in Asakusa, Pelican, bread is delicious and fluffy. The bakery attracts people in Tokyo since 1942, and the cafe, which only opened just recently, is the same. It can be really crowded, especially on weekends, so be sure to arrive here early.

Address: 3-9-11 Kotobuki, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Website: (Japanese Only)

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4. Sensoji Temple

Sensoji Temple is the sight that everyone who visits Asakusa would not miss. Being the oldest and one of the biggest temples in Tokyo, it has gathered countless people both nationally and internationally. The legend says that it was established in 628. Now it’s one of the symbols of Tokyo.
Visitors go under Kaminarimon Gate, where a huge red lantern is hanged, and walk through Nakamise-Dori Shopping Street to get to the temple. Once you arrive at the temple, purify your body with smokes and follow the people to pray at the main hall of the temple. Take a note at the architecture, and you will notice beautiful paintings on the ceiling.

Address: 2-3-1 Asakusa Taito-ku, Tokyo

5. Discover souvenir from Tokyo at Nakamise-Dori Shopping Street

Nakamise-Dori Shopping Street is one of the oldest shopping streets in Tokyo that starts from the Kaminarimon Gate and leads to the main building of Sensoji Temple. This is the best place to look for souvenirs to take home as you can find T-shirts, keychains, Japanese fans, magnets, postcards, etc.

Address: Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo

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6. Have delicious street foods at Nakamise-Dori Shopping Street

Most people get tempted to different street foods when they walk along Nakamise-Dori Shopping Street. You can find mochi, dango (mochi skewers), rice crackers, Ningyoyaki (red bean paste stuffed in a pancake-like dough), Kaminari Okoshi (sweetened rice puffs), ice cream, and many more. It is very hard to resist buying some street food here!

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7. Get your fortune told at Sensoji Temple

Many Japanese like drawing a paper fortune at temples and shrines, and Sensoji is no exception. A good point about paper fortunes in Sensoji Temple is that they have English printed on the paper, too! It should be a fun experience, whether if you get a good fortune or bad fortune. But if you get a bad fortune, tie it to the wire put at Sensoji Temple so that the bad luck goes away.

8. Play at Hanayashiki, the oldest amusement park in Tokyo

Hanayashiki is the oldest amusement park in Japan, which was established in 1853. You can still ride on the oldest working roller coaster in Tokyo here! Other than the roller coaster, there are many classic rides such as merry-go-round, ghost house, arcade, etc. Hanayashiki Amusement Park is conveniently located near Sensoji Temple, so it will be a perfect place to have fun after visiting Sensoji Temple.

Address: 2-28-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

9. Witness beautiful cherry blossom flowers along Sumida River

Sumida River is a river flows along the Asakusa area where many cherry blossom trees are planted. In spring, all cherry blossoms bloom all at once and make the city look pink! There is a promenade along the river for people to take a walk while enjoying beautiful cherry blossom flowers. Don’t miss these flowers if you have a chance to visit Asakusa in late March or early spring.

10. Find kitchenwares that you had never seen at Kappabashi

Kappabashi is a kitchenware wholesaler district located at a walkable distance from Sensoji Temple. While many professional chefs and restaurant owners gather in this district, most places welcome general consumers. At Kappabashi, you can find the highest quality kitchenware at a reasonable price. For those who would like to do more, they offer food sampling workshops, which you can make your own food sample!

Address: 1 Chome-1-1 Matsugaya Taito-ku Tokyo

11. Stroll Denpoin-Dori Street where old buildings remain

Denpoin-Dori Street is a short street connected to Sensoji Temple. The street remains many old buildings, and it feels like a theme park when you walk along the street. There are many long-standing restaurants, souvenir shops, street foods that you can enjoy.

12. Play with cutest Mameshiba dogs at Mameshiba Cafe

Mameshiba is a Japanese dog breed that you don’t often find outside of Japan. Like famous cat cafes, you can touch and hold Mameshiba dogs at Meshiba Cafe! Once you enter the room, over 10 dogs run around the room to welcome guests. One of them might get on your knees if you are lucky. Enjoy the full of cuteness at Mameshiba Cafe!

Address: 1-29-3 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

13. Rent a kimono and stroll the area

The Japanese style architectures and streets in Asakusa make people want to dress up in traditional Japanese clothes: kimono. Several rental kimono shops appeared in Asakusa to answer such needs. You can just drop in such shops, choose the print of kimono you like, and staff will make you dress up in kimono! Rental kimono is especially popular among young Japanese females and tourists. You will find many people dressed up in kimono at Asakusa.

14. Enjoy healthy soba noodles at one of the oldest soba restaurants in Tokyo

As many Japanese food restaurants gather in Asakusa, it is usual to find more than 50 years old places here. Soba noodles are no exception. Like Namiki Yabu Soba was established in 1913! You can surely experience how authentic soba tastes like in the Asakusa area.

Address: 2-11-9 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo

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15. Try the one of the oldest tempura restaurant Daikokuya

Just like soba, you can find long-standing tempura shops in Asakusa, too. One of them is Daikokuya, where they are famous for tempura rice bowls and established in 1887. Daikokuya’s tempura is very savory and flavorful as the ingredients are dipped in their special homemade sauce. In case Daikokuya is crowded, there are many other tempura joints serving delicious tempuras, so check out our list below to find out more!

Address: 1-38-10 Asakusa, Taito-ku

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16. Have Yoshoku (western foods) at one of the most famous Yoshoku restaurants in Tokyo

Yoshoku literally means “Western foods” in Japanese. It’s actually a genre of Japanese dishes inspired by western recipes such as omurice, tonkatsu, ebifurai (deep-fried shrimp), hamburg, croquette, etc. As Asakusa has been the center of culture in Tokyo for a long time, many Yoshoku restaurant were established and continue to be popular until today. One of them is Yoshikami. This small Yoshoku restaurant opened in 1951 is located a few minutes walk from Sensoji Temple and served various Yoshoku dishes at affordable prices.

Address: 1-41-4 Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo
Website: (Japanese Only)

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17. Take a break at authentic Kissaten (cafes)

A Kissaten, literally a tea drink shop, is a Japanese version of cafes where people can enjoy drinks, light meals, desserts, etc. Their authentic dishes and retro decors attract people of all ages, and people frequent Kissaten to have breakfast coffee or rest while strolling the city. Asakusa has many such Kissaten, and Coffee Tengoku is one of them. Especially their thick, soft, and fluffy pancake is the best snack to have while sightseeing in Asakusa.

Address: 1-41-9 Asakusa Taito Tokyo

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18. Enjoy delicious Japanese sweets at Japanese cafes

While there are Kissaten, there are many Japanese cafes that serve wagashi and Japanese sweets using red bean pastes and mochi in Asakusa. Umezono is a traditional sweet shop and cafe in Asakusa famous for their Anmitsu. It would be an unforgettable snack time with a cup of green tea.

Address: 1-31-12 Asakusa, Taito-ku Tokyo
Website: (Japanese Only)

19. Find modern and fashionable products from all over Japan at Marugoto Nippon

Marugoto Nippon is a shopping complex where you can find delicious and fashionable products from different parts of Japan. The first floor is all about food. You can find snacks, pickles, delicacies, sake, and other drinks, etc. The second floor gathers crafts and various traditional products with modern flavor into it. Marugoto Nippon is a great place to find some fashionable items to take back home.

Address: 2-chome-6-7 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

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20. Go-Kart around Asakusa with your favorite costume!

Have you ever dreamed of go-karting in Tokyo? Your dream comes true. You can drive a go-kart around Asakusa! You can also dress yourself up with your favorite character’s costumes by renting them. By booking in advance with our partner Voyagin, you can not only get discounts but a professional guide to show around the city. Check out Voyagin’s website for details.


21. Get tipsy at Izakayas in Hoppy Dori

Hoppy-Dori is a street with many small Izakayas (Japanese pubs). You will be surprised at the number of people drinking along this street, which is located just a few minutes walk from Sensoji Temple. All Izakayas are authentic, serving delicacies and drinks at a reasonable price. Why don’t you sit down next to locals and have a drink or two?

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22. Try Japanese sake at sake bars in Asakusa

If you like to drink, you should try Japanese sake when you are in Japan. It has become easier to find sake outside of Japan. However, it is still hard to export every kind as sake requires severe temperature management to keep fresh. There are countless sake bars in Tokyo, and Asakusa is no exception. Find one of the sake bars from the list below and try delicious sake that you would never find in your country.

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23. Enjoy delicious drinks and relaxed night at bars in Asakusa

You might want to relax after having a nice Japanese dinner. Many people may not know, but Asakusa is home to many great bars as well. Some of them have continued for 100 years, such as Asakusa Samboa, which was established in 1918. Another great bar is Bar Nemo, with its over 7000 kinds of Scotch collection. So hit one of the bars on the list below to indulge in delicious cocktails or have a glass of whiskey before bedtime.

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24. View the light-up of famous sites in Asakusa

People tend to think that there are not many things to do in Asakusa at night, but that is wrong. When the night comes, Asakusa comes to life with its vivid lights. Sensoji Temple and Nakamise-Dori Street get decorated with beautiful lights, and you can also enjoy beautiful paintings on shutters after shops closed. Don’t forget to take a look at Tokyo Sky Tree. We can’t resist looking at its beautiful seasonal lights.

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25. Stay a night at a ryokan in Asakusa

Last but not least. Stay a night at a traditional Japanese inn, ryokan! Ryokan tends to be near onsen districts, but there are few in Tokyo, and surprisingly many of them gather in the Asakusa area. So if you are planning to stay at Asakusa, it’s a great chance to experience staying at a ryokan here! Some people feel more relaxed in Japanese style rooms with the smell of tatami mats, fluffy futon, and yukata for pajamas. Check out the list below to find a ryokan perfect for you to spend a night in the Asakusa area.

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