Tempura is the most famous and loved food by Japanese people since ancient times. It is a deep-fried dish served fresh with a delicious sauce or salt. Tempura is a staple in Japan and is one such dish that should be tried definitely on your visit to Tokyo, especially Shibuya. There are more than 400 tempura experts in Tokyo alone, ranging from the dirt-cheap to the cost.

We have curated a selection of joints that are pretty approachable and affordable. Following are our picks of 10 food joints serving top-of-the-line tempuras in Shibuya. Let’s check out:

1. Tenichi Shibuya Tokyu Toyoko Honten (天一 渋谷東急東横本店)

Tenichi is an elegant and traditional Japanese restaurant with branches all over Tokyo. This place has been serving delish tempuras in the city for more than 80 years. The price is higher than the most tempura joints but you do get the great value for money here. You can try their tendon for if you are looking for an affordable option. There is a special seasonal platter also that you can order if you are in for a tempura feast in Shibuya.

Address: Shibuya Tokyu Department Store 8F, 2−24−1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Website: https://tenichi.co.jp/ (Japanese only)

2. Shibuten (しぶ天)

Shibuten is a small, cozy food joint located on a 6-minute walk from the East Exit of JR Shibuya Station. After spending time in shopping, you can stop by for lunch or dinner and try their crispy and crunchy tempuras. The tempuras served at this resto are so light and their taste is guaranteed to change your perception about tempura.

Address: Miyano Bldg. 2F, 2-8-6 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Website: https://shibuten.gorp.jp/ (Japanese only)

English website: https://gurunavi.com/en/gdsa500/rst/

3. Tsunahachi Seibu Shibuya (つな八 西武渋谷)

Located on the 8th floor of the Seibu Shibuya Department Store, Tsunahachi is a famous place for having tempura for lunch with locations all over Tokyo. They were established in Shinjuku and have served delicious tempura for more than 90 years. It offers guests a warm atmosphere, delectable tempura, and a great selection of drinks to wash it down with. Their tempura set meals are served with pickles, fluffy rice, and miso soup. Moreover, you can try their series of different side dishes.

Address: Seibu Shibuya Department Store 8F, 21-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Website: https://www.sogo-seibu.jp/shibuya/topics/page/180803restaurant-tsunahachi.html (Japanese only)

4. Tentora Shibuya Scramble Square (天寅 渋谷スクランブルスクエア)

Tentora is a popular and casual tempura restaurant that is perfect to stop by for a meal after exploring the Shibuya area. It is a cozy eatery steeped in the traditional Japanese atmosphere that offers some of the best tempura dishes in the city. Their tempura platter features the finest seasonal ingredients prepared to draw out the optimum flavors. If you don’t mind queuing up a little for tasty and affordable tempura dishes in Shibuya, then head over to Tentora.

Address: Shibuya Scramble Square 13F, 2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Website: https://shibuya-scramble-square.com/shops_restaurants/detail.html?shop_id=67 (Japanese Only)

5. Ginza Hageten Tokyu Toyoko Department Store (銀座ハゲ天 東急東横) *Take away only

The food at Ginza Hageten in Shibuya is sure to delight. Hageten was established in Ginza, and has continued for more than 80 years. They serve tempura made with top-quality ingredients that are as fantastic as the traditional ones. The Shibuya Tokyu Toyoko Department Store branch offers various takeaway tempura, including seafood, vegetables, and Tendon (tempura rice bowl). Although if you have Hageten’s tempura at their Ginza branch would cost much, you can head to this Shibuya branch instead to try the flavor of tempura with over 80 years history.

Address: Tokyu Toyoko West B1F, 2-24-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Website: https://www.hageten.com/ (Japanese Only)

English Website: https://www.hageten.com/english/

6. Tachinomi Tempura KIKU (立呑み天ぷらKIKU)

Tachinomi Tempura KIKU is a stylish and elegant tempura bar offering a blissful time for guests to enjoy a range of flavorful dishes. Their high-quality food is a must-try in the Shibuya area and the price is quite reasonable too. Note that as you will have to stand in the line, it is best to visit the restaurant around the opening time.

Address: Shibuya PARCO B1F, 15-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Website: https://shibuya.parco.jp.e.aiv.hp.transer.com/shop/detail/?cd=025699

7. Hakata Tempura Takao (博多天ぷら たかお)

Hakata Tempura Takao is a specialty tempura store that gives guests an authentic tempura experience. It is a perfect choice to enjoy delish tempuras in the Shibuya area made with the finest and freshest ingredients and served in an atmosphere of elegance and hospitality. Tempura is served one piece at a time as chefs finish preparing. Their beautiful interior is as much an attraction as their food. This store also has an extensive collection of sakes, highballs, and sours that you can have with the tempuras.

Address: Shibuya PARCO 7F, 15-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Website: https://shibuya.parco.jp.e.aiv.hp.transer.com/floor/detail/?f=7f

8. Japanese Sake Bar Fujiya (日本酒バル 富士屋)

Located near Shibuya Station, Fujiya is a sake bar in the Dogenzaka area that offers Japanese sake from 47 different prefectures. The bar features a wooden interior and a very calm atmosphere. The top recommendation here is the tempura kushi (skewers) which is individually fried and placed on a kebab stick. They can offer you a unique tempura experience. The interesting thing about this place is that they offer an all-you-can-drink sake option, which customers can try approximately 70 kinds of sake.

Address: Goshima Ikueikai Bldg. B1F, 1-10-7 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Website: https://gurunavi.com/en/ge5p512/rst/

9. Nihonbashi Tendon Tenmusu Kaneko-Hannosuke (日本橋天丼天むす 金子半之助) *Take away only

Kaneko-Hannosuke in Shibuya Scramble Square shopping mall is a takeout specialty store selling Edo-mae style tendon (tempura bowls).  It is visited by a number of locals and foreigners for enjoying the authentic tendon experience. Their tempura is super-crispy which is served with a thick, appetizing sauce. This branch at Shibuya Scramble Square shopping mall offers Tenmusu (rice ball with shrimp tempura), Tendon bento box, pressed tempura sushi, and tempura by pieces. As it is a very famous shop, there will be a lot of people waiting in line for hours especially during lunchtime.

Address: Shibuya Scramble Square B2F, 2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Website: http://kaneko-hannosuke.com/english/

10. Tendon Tenya

Having around 230 franchises all over the country, Tendon Tenya is a famous tempura and soba restaurant. Their focus is tendon but also offers tempura meal sets. You can eat low price but tasty tendon here from around 500 JPY, which comes with miso soup too. There are also some sets with soba noodles and/or udon noodles, and tendon served with a delicious soy-based sauce.

Address: 1−16−14 Shibuya, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo

Website: https://www.tenya.co.jp/english/


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