Aomori is located in the Tohoku Region, on the northern tip of the Honshu Region and is home to many wonderful events, festivals, and attractions all year round. This prefecture is also known for its apples, sake, and delicious local delicacies. This city is used as a hub of transportation to Hokkaido, which makes it an important city in the North.

Many tourists flock Aomori, especially during wintertime, to visit its famous resorts that are perfect for skiing and snowboarding. With so many things to do in Aomori, planning your itinerary might prove to be difficult.

If you still have no idea what to do for your winter vacation, make sure to add these 10 things to do in winter in Aomori, Tohoku, for winter fun.

1. Participate in Lake Towada Winter Story Festival

Lake Towada Winter Story Festival is one of the most anticipated winter festivals in the Tohoku Region. This festival lasts for weeks and starts in February. The winter wonderland of Lake Towada showcases light illuminations, fireworks, snow statues, and many other surprises that attract many tourists every year. This is an event you definitely can’t miss when you are in Aomori.

Address: Towadakohanyasumiya-486, Towada, Aomori


2. Snow hike at Oirase Gorge

The Oirase Gorge is one of the famous places in Aomori where you can hike and marvel at the beauty of nature. Oirase river that flows from Lake Towada passes through the gorge and creates stunning natural attractions like a steady streaming white water river, and let’s not forget the multiple waterfalls that you will find along the way. All you need is some decent shoes, winter gear, a small backpack filled with water and energy bars, and you’re good to go. Enjoy the beauty that can only be seen during wintertime in Oirase Gorge. Note that hiking trails in Oirase Gorge is different in winter from summer, and you should participate on tour with a guide to do snow hike.

Address: 183 Tochikubo, Okuse, Towada-ku, Aomori


3. Get a Beautiful Winter Scenery of Takayama Inari Shrine

The beautiful winter scenery of Takayama Inari Shrine is another thing that you can look forward to when you visit Aomori during winter. The shrine is a Shinto shrine that is dedicated to Inari Ōkami (God of Fox). He is a god of fertility, agriculture, industry, wealth, and success. The famous thousand red torii gates that create a tunnel towards the shrine is quite beautiful, even during wintertime. The river and the surrounding scenery create a good backdrop that makes you appreciate the surreal beauty of nature.

Address: 147-1 Washinosawa, Ushigata-cho, Tsugaru, Aomori

Website: (Japanese Only)

4. Soak into Sukayu Onsen and Ease Yourself

Sukayu Onsen Ryokan is a very popular ryokan in Aomori. It is known to have one of the biggest onsen baths in the area (both mixed and separated by genders). It is a great place to stay, especially if you plan to go skiing, and snowboarding during winter, because the ryokan is close to the famous Hakkoda Ski Resort. After having your fun in the snow, you can soak in the warm hot spring and revitalize your cold body.

Address: 50 Sukayuzawa, Kokuyurin, Minami Arakawasan, Arakawa, Aomori City, Aomori

Website: (Japanese Only)

5. Go Mt. Hakkoda to see “Snow Monsters”

Mt. Hakkoda is unique because it is home to the famous “Snow Monsters.” These are not real-life monsters, but grotesque misshapen snow sculptures made from trees covered in snow and ice. It is an eerie sight, especially if it’s your first time going there. Still, Mt. Hakkoda is a favorite place for skiing and snowboarding during the winter season.

Address: 1-12 Arakawa-Kansuizawa, Aomori-shi, Aomori



AOMORI SPRING SKI RESORT is a great option if you want to stay away from the “crowded locations” in Aomori when it comes to skiing and snowboarding. It is a resort that is perfect for beginner and intermediate people who are honing their skiing and snowboarding skills. Easy courses and white powder snow are waiting for you to discover in AOMORI SPRING SKI RESORT.

Address: Nishiiwakiyama-75 Nagadaimachi, Ajigasawa-machi, Nishitsugaru-gun, Aomori


7. Try Wakasagi Ice Fishing at Anenuma

Wakasagi ice fishing is a favorite past-time in the northern part of Japan during the winter season. Wakasagi (Japanese pond smelt) is a type of fish that is found in large lakes. For those who want to have a unique cultural experience, Wakasagi ice fishing will definitely test your patience, perseverance, and cold resistance! Wakasagi tempura is delicious, so make sure to catch a few and enjoy the delicious taste of your hard work!


8. Participate in Hirosaki Castle Yuki-Doro Festival (Snow Lantern Festival)

Hirosaki Castle is a very popular destination during the cherry blossom season. It is also a symbol of Hirosaki and one of the well-known landmarks of Aomori. However, when winter comes, people flock Hirosaki Castle to see one of the five great snow festivals in the Michinoku area. Miniature snow houses (igloo) and snow lanterns are lit up with candles during the night, to create a beautiful lantern wonderland that will give you a lasting impression.

Address: 1 Shimo-shiroganecho, Hirosaki City, Aomori


9. Stay in at Hoshino Resort Aomoriya

Hoshino Resort Aomoriya is a highly-recommended resort hotel in Aomori. Their staffs are very friendly, polite, and will do their best to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The rooms are clean, and the accommodations are excellent. They offer many activities and events that never make guests bored. The onsen baths and live performances are amazing as well. If you want to enjoy the festivities in Aomori and looking for a place to stay, look no further and reserve a room in Hoshino Resort Aomoriya.

Address: 56 Furumakiyama, Misawa, Aomori


10. Spend a magical night at Lamp-no-Yado Aoni Onsen

Lamp-no-Yado Aoni Onsen was founded in 1929 and still going strong up to this day. It is an inn located on a secluded mountain in Aomori. As the name suggests, this ryokan only uses lamp lights during the night, which gives it a unique charm of its own. For people who are too used to the “techie” side of things, this ryokan will give you a taste of what it’s like to live in the serene beauty of nature while soaking in the onsen baths of this ryokan.

Address: 1-7 Aonisawa、Okiura, Kuroishi-shi, Aomori



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