Toyosu is reclaimed land and is now the new home of Toyosu Market (the relocated Tsukiji Fish Market). There are three main buildings divided into seafood and fruits and vegetables, respectively.

Some of the main attractions here are the tuna auction on which the public can see the action firsthand. There are also plenty of shops on the fourth floor that sells general goods, clothings, souvenirs, etc.

There are also restaurants that serve fresh seafood delicacies for everyone to enjoy. Go ahead and try the 10 things to do in the Toyosu area for an exciting experience.

1. Try as much food you can at Toyosu Market

Toyosu Market opened on October 11, 2018. It is arguably one of the most popular wholesale markets in Tokyo. Here you can get the freshest seafood, vegetables, and fruits from all over the country. Many delicious delicacies such as sushi, unagi, tempura and many more are waiting mainly at Block 6 for your visit to Toyosu Market.

Address: 6-6-1, Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo


2. Watch the Tuna Auction at Toyosu Market

One of the interesting things about Toyosu Market is that their tuna auction is open to the public. People can watch as the fish merchants outbid each other from the upper and lower floors of the auction room at Block 7 Fisheries Wholesale Market Building. The lower deck allows you to experience the noise and the action first hand. The auction ends before 6:30 am.

3. Shop for souvenirs at Toyosu Market

You can always get souvenirs at Toyosu Market if you know where to look. Shops are located in two buildings: Block 6 Fisheries Intermediate Wholesale Market Building and Senkyaku Banrai Facilities Site. Among these souvenirs that you can bring back home is the Mosuke Dango. It is a sweet dumpling made from mochiko rice. Then we have Anmitsu, Dorayaki, the famous tamagoyaki sandwich, Sake no Mi (moist, sweet cake with a hint of Japanese Sake) and many more. With so many options to choose from, you’re bound to get something for your family and friends.

4. Learn about Toyosu Market at the gallery

The gallery is open to the public, and it allows anyone to see and learn more about Toyosu Market. Their exhibitions are scattered around the market, but the main gallery is on the 4th floor of Block 6 Fisheries Intermediate Wholesale Market Building. There is a photo spot where you can take a picture riding on the famous turret truck!

5. Picnic at Roof Garden of Toyosu Market

Toyosu Market’s Roof Garden is located on the rooftop. You can access there by going to the elevator on the third floor of the pedestrian deck, and walk out on the fifth floor. The rooftop gives a panoramic view of Tokyo and the surrounding facilities. You can see Tokyo Bay and Toyosu Gururi Park from there. Be noted that eating and drinking at the rooftop is prohibited.

6. Visit LaLaport Toyosu and shop

LaLaport Toyosu is home to over 180 shops, including famous brands like UNIQLO and DAISO. Bring your kids and go to the KidZania, an amusement park for children to experience various jobs, where they can have loads of fun. There are also plenty of clothes shops and restaurants to choose from. Feel free to enjoy the ocean view as you take a stroll in LaLaport Toyosu.

Address: 2-4-9 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo


7. Play your kids at KidZania Tokyo

KidZania Tokyo is a place where kids can play to their heart’s content. They are given roles (jobs) on which they can act like working adults. A great example is the Candy Factory. They are taught the process of candy making and the kids get to keep and eat their candy. They can also play as firefighters, ride a fire truck, put out a fire, and save the day! The kids will surely enjoy the experience, so make sure to give KidZania a try!

Address: Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu North Port 3F, 2-4-9, Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo


8. Beautiful night view from Harumibashi Park

Harumibashi Park is a marine park that gives a scenic view of the Port of Tokyo. The waterfront scenery is also perfect for those that like to take a stroll, jog, and walk their pets. At night, the lights from the skyscrapers illuminate the way and create a surreal beauty for everyone to enjoy.

Address: 2-3 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo



BBQ at Wild Magic is held on reclaimed land in Toyosu. The classic BBQ is given a twist as tents, and traditional campfire adds to the ambiance of the surroundings. This is one of the best places to have a BBQ with friends in Tokyo. The experience of BBQ while viewing an artificial beach is second to none.

Address: 6-1-23, Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo


10. Experience the modern art at Team Lab Planets Tokyo

Team Lab Planets Tokyo is a popular immersive exhibit where people can wander around and merge with the colorful and unique experience. The exhibition requires you to go barefoot, so you better keep that in mind. There are installations where you can immerse your feet into the water. It’s a beautiful and relaxing experience that you can only enjoy at Team Lab Planets Tokyo.

Address: 6-1-16 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo



Data is as of August 2019

Thumbnail is from Flickr