Ueno is a city where the old and the modern cultures mix together to form a hub of activities. There are plenty of things to see from attractions, entertainment, food, and fashion. With so many places to visit, it is simply impossible to explore the city within a day.

As you stroll around within its busy streets, it’s only natural for you to get hungry and crave to eat delicious food like ramen. In Japan, ramen is a specialty dish and many restaurants go out of their way to create new and delicious creations that will satisfy even the pickiest of ramen connoisseur.

So do yourself a favor and enjoy great ramen at these 10 ramen restaurants in Ueno.

1. Mendokoro Haru (麺処晴)

Mendokoro Haru is definitely one of the best places to go in Ueno if you’re looking for delicious ramen. Their special ramen noodle accompanied by their soy sauce and fish soup base has a unique taste that you can appreciate. The thin yet firm noodles are chewy, and the various toppings like green onions, dried seaweed, egg, and char siu pork enhance the flavor really well.

Address: 1-11-7 Shitaya, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Website: https://twitter.com/men_haru?lang=ja (Japanese Only)

2. Ramen Kamo to Negi (らぁめん鴨to葱)

Ramen Kamo to Negi has their own special soup base, and their main ingredient is none other than duck. Kamo in Japanese means duck; hence the name of the ramen is “duck and onion ramen”. You get to choose between Shimonita green onion, red Shonai onion, and ginger onion for the toppings. Being one of the very few ramen restaurants that serve this kind of ramen in the city, the queue can be very long, especially during lunch time. So if you haven’t tried eating duck ramen before, now is a good chance to visit this restaurant in Ueno.

Address: 6-4-15 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Website: https://twitter.com/tokamonegy (Japanese Only)

3. Sanji (さんじ)

Hinomaru Sanji has a good selection of ramen dishes. Their pork and crab soup base is very tasty. Who would have thought that ramen and crabs would be a great combination? Then we add a few quail eggs (you can add more for ¥50 a piece), chashu meat, negi and we have a ramen bowl that is very hard to resist. Give in to the temptation and sample their recommended ramen dishes.

Address: 3-25-12 Higashiueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Website: https://twitter.com/sanji_kinchan (Japanese Only)

4. Ramen Kakashi (ラーメン案山子)

Ramen Kakashi is a bright and charming ramen restaurant near Okachimachi Station in the Ueno area. Kakashi means scarecrow in Japan, but you won’t get scared coming here. In fact, you’ll definitely love the place. They even used a scarecrow design for their ramen bowl, which is cool. Their salt and plain soy sauce ramen are surprisingly delicious. The ramen servings are smaller compared to other ramen restaurants, but you won’t waste a single drop of it.

Address: 6-2-11 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Website: https://gourmet-lp.com/kakashi/

5. Yaki Ago Shio Ramen Takahashi (焼きあご塩らー麺 たかはし)

Yaki Ago Shio Ramen Takahashi is another great place to enjoy unique and delicious ramen. Their soup base is made from “ago” or flying fish in Japanese. This small restaurant is quite popular because their ramen is delicious and affordable. With only 13 seats available, you are bound to wait in line if you don’t get there early.

Address: 4-1-5 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Website: http://takahashi-ramen.com (Japanese Only)

6. Ebi Ginjo Zipang (海老吟醸 じぱんぐ)

Ebi Ginjo Zipang is just a 2-minute walk from Ueno station. Their soup base is a combination of pork bone and oil from fresh prawns. Their thick noodles, chasu slices, green onions, and sakura shrimps toppings will make it hard for you to not give them praises. A highly recommended ramen restaurant that will make your visit worth the effort.

Address: 6-16-9, Ueno, Taitou-ku, Tokyo

Website: https://tabelog.com/en/tokyo/A1311/A131101/13170753/

7. Ramen Cho-Daikichi (ラーメン超大吉)

Ramen Cho-Daikichi is more than meets the eye. Their thick soup base made from pork bone and soy sauce is creamy that it sticks to your noodles. The taste is just right, and you will appreciate the flavor it gives. A good restaurant to visit in Ueno if you just want to enjoy delicious ramen without too much fuss.

Address: 6-6-4, Ueno, Taitou-ku, Tokyo

Website: http://gyoku.co.jp/choudaikichi/ (Japanese Only)

8. Menya Musashi Bukotsu (麺屋武蔵 武骨)

Menya Musashi Bukotsu is just 1-minutes walk away from Ueno station. Their tsukemen, dipping noodles, is very popular and you’ll keep on coming back for more once you taste it. Their broth has different colors, which are white (basic style), black (squid) and red (their special soy sauce soup base). Try their various soup base until you find the ideal ramen taste for you.

Address: Yajima Bldg.1F, 6-7-3 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Website: http://menya634.co.jp/?lang=en

9. Taishoken Next Ueno (大勝軒next 上野店)

Taishoken Next in Ueno is a small restaurant that is popular among the locals in the area. Their thick medium noodles are firm, and the pork bone and fish soup base taste great. This is one of those ramen restaurants that makes you just want to focus on the ramen bowl that is in front of you and ignore everything else.

Address: Sun Plaza Nakano Bldg. 1F, 2-12-9 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Website: https://www.facebook.com/taishouken.next.ueno (Japanese Only)

10. Hokkaido Ramen Himuro Ueno (北海道ラーメンひむろ 上野店)

Hokkaido Ramen Himuro in Ueno is a hidden gem. Like all hidden gems, only a few people know of the place, and some of them stumbled on this restaurant by accident. Their affordable and delicious ramen will make you and your wallet smile with ease. A quiet place where you can enjoy your bowl of ramen in peace.

Address: 4-3-10 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Website: http://www.4tops.co.jp (Japanese Only)

Data is as of October 2018

Thumbnail is from Flickr