Shibuya is considered as one of the best places in Tokyo to explore when it comes to delicious food. Every nook and cranny promises delicious treats for those who are looking for specialties that will satisfy their food cravings. One of the things that you can enjoy in this district of Tokyo is high-quality Wagyu Beef.

Wagyu Beef is known for its rich and exquisite taste due to the way the cattle were raised. The meat is very tender and has a buttery taste. Have you heard of the phrase “melts in your mouth?” Wagyu Beef is like that and is one of the reasons why it is the most expensive beef in the world.

If you haven’t tasted Wagyu beef before, now is a good chance! Make sure to visit these 10 places to have Wagyu Beef in Shibuya for excellent taste.


1. Ginza Fujiya Miyachiku Shibuya (銀座不二家みやちく 渋谷店)

Ginza Fujiya Miyachiku Shibuya is a 3-minute walk from Shibuya Metro Station. This is a very popular restaurant who had won awards because of their delicious Miyazaki Beef. The chef will captivate you with his amazing performance as he cooks the meal for you. With just one bite, you will understand why they are considered as one of the best teppanyaki restaurants in Shibuya. Excellent, and efficient service awaits those who are willing to enter their doors.

Address: 2F, 26-2 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Website: (Japanese Only)

English website:

2. Teppanyaki ORCA Shibuya (鉄板焼ORCA 渋谷)

Teppanyaki ORCA Shibuya has a nice ambiance that is perfect for a teppanyaki feast. You can expect high-quality meat for the price that is cheaper compared to other places. This restaurant is just a 3-minute walk from the New South Exit of JR Shibuya Station, which makes it very accessible to everyone. Their “Orca Course,” which is a combination of Saga beef, lobster, and abalone, etc., will not disappoint you.

Address: Compal Bldg 6F, 3-15-2 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo



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Shabu Shabu

3. Shabuzen Shibuya (しゃぶ禅 渋谷)

Shabuzen Shibuya is a great place to enjoy your favorite shabu-shabu. The Japanese interior design, as well as the waitresses wearing kimono, gives the place a classy feel. You have the option to choose between the standard table suits or their private tatami rooms. The most popular item on their menu is, of course, their “all-you-can-eat” set course, which will fill you up to the brim with delicious, high-quality meat. Take your time and enjoy your shabu-shabu feast!

Address: Shibuya Creston Hotel B1, 10-8 Kamiyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


4. Kyoto HYOTO Shibuya (京都 瓢斗 渋谷店)

Kyoto HYOTO Shibuya is a great place to enjoy shabu shabu with your family and friends. The seats near the glass window offer good views of the surroundings and greatly enhances the mood of your meal. Their dashi broth gives the meat an additional burst of flavor that will suit your taste. They also have private rooms available for groups of people.

Address: Tokyu Plaza Shibuya 7F, 1-2-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Website: (Japanese Only)

English website:


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5. Kobe Yakiniku JINGU (神戸焼肉 神宮)

Kobe Yakiniku JINGU is a 5-minute walk from Keio Inokashira Shinsen Station and right above Dogenzaka. They serve Tajima Beef and Kobe Beef. The high-quality meat and its delicious taste will definitely get your nod of approval. They also have private rooms that can accommodate up to six people. A great restaurant to enjoy yakiniku in Shibuya.

Address: 2nd Takara Bldg. 1F, 1-17-10 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Website: (Japanese Only)

English Website:

6. Wagyunikutower Yakinikutabehodai Yakiniku-no Nikumoriya Shibuya (和牛肉タワー 焼肉食べ放題 焼肉の肉盛屋 渋谷本店)

Wagyunikutower Yakinikutabehodai Yakiniku-no Nikumoriya Shibuya is located on the third floor of the Shimizu Building. The meat they serve here is of high-quality, and the texture is excellent. The refreshing aftertaste is great and you can tell that you came to the right place. Prices are very reasonable, and you will not regret visiting this yakiniku restaurant.

Address: Shimizu Bldg. 3F, 2-29-18 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


7. SATSUMAGYUSYUN Shibuya (薩摩牛旬 渋谷)

SATSUMAGYUSYUN Shibuya offers great value for money. Just a 2-minute walk from Shibuya Station, this restaurant pride themselves with their Kuroge Wagyu Beef produced in Kagoshima Prefecture. You can expect a delicious yakiniku feast with their all-you-can-eat courses at a price that will not hurt your budget. You can reserve a private room in advance if you are planning to go there as a group.

Address: 7F, 1-22-10 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo



8. Nanadaime Matsugoro Shibuya (厨 七代目松五郎 渋谷)

Nanadaime Matsugoro Shibuya is a hidden gem in Shibuya. You won’t lose out on their set-menu courses because they are all delicious and affordable. Enjoy the delicious taste of the meat, while the broth warms you up with its exquisite taste. Aside from their sukiyaki, you can also try the other items on their menu, which will add more variety to your meal.

Address: Feel A 1F, 5-4 Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Website: (Japanese Only)

English website:


9. One Garden Shibuya (ワンガーデン‐One庭‐ 渋谷)

One Garden Shibuya is a restaurant that you definitely have to visit if you love to eat steaks. Using the freshest ingredients, they will present you with delicious meals that will make your mouth water. You will not be able to resist the amazing line-up on their menu. Adding sake or wine to your meal will make the experience richer.

Address: Lequartier Sakuragaoka 1F, 20-12 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Website: (Japanese Only)

English website:

10. Shibuya Teppan Bar ITACHI (渋谷鉄板バー ITACHI)

Shibuya Teppan Bar ITACHI is one of those places that will easily become your favorite as long as you visit it once. This izakaya has a nice and lively atmosphere and an impressive array of dishes, wines, sake, and craft beers, that will make you come back for more. Although it is known as a Teppanyaki bar, it offers so much more than teppanyaki, which will make your visit worth it.

Address: SK Bldg 2F, 1-3 Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo



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