Chiba is Japan’s gateway to the world because of Narita International Airport. It is also known as Japan’s busiest airport. Since this is the case, some foreign guests stay in Chiba for a while before exploring the famous attractions of Japan.

After many hours of flight, some people would like to get a good sleep after they arrive from the airport. Some of these guests prefer to soak in an onsen after their flight to relieve them of their fatigue. The good thing is that there are a lot of ryokans in Chiba that can cater to these demands.

Check out these 10 onsen districts in Chiba Prefecture and try one of their highly recommended ryokans!

1. Inubousaki Onsen / Inubousaki Kanko Hotel

Inubousaki Kanko Hotel is one of the highly recommended hotels in Chiba. It boasts a panoramic view of the ocean. It has many unique and comfortable rooms perfect for a week-long vacation. The open-air onsen is very relaxing, coupled with the great view of the ocean makes it more perfect. The staffs are polite and very hospitable, which gives you a feeling of comfort and security.

Address: 10293 Inubosaki, Choshi-Shi, Chiba


2. Narita Onsen / Narita View Hotel

Narita View Hotel is a good hotel for an overnight stay after you arrived from Narita Airport. There is a shuttle from the airport and the hotel is easy to access. This is also the reason why more people prefer to go to this hotel to rest before they continue their journey to Tokyo the next day. You can also relax and soak at their onsen to wear away the fatigue from your travels.

Address: 700 Kosuge, Narita 286-0127, Chiba


3. Kominato Onsen / Kamogawa Hills Resort Hotel

Kamogawa Hills Resort Hotel as the name implies is situated on top of a hill and gives a scenic view of the Pacific Ocean. You can choose between traditional and Western-style rooms depending on your preference and enjoy their hospitality. The kaiseki meals use fresh ingredients with an abundance of seafood. The onsen bath on the 6th floor is a place you can’t afford to miss.

Address: 3164-7 Amatsu, Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture

Website: (Japanese Only)

4. Chikura Onsen / Chikurakan

Chikurakan is a traditional ryokan with an onsen bath. The rates here are quite reasonable and an ideal stop-over for those looking for a place to stay. The staffs are very polite and respectful, and some of them know how to speak English. The rooms are clean and comfortable. Their hot spring is believed to be one of the oldest in the prefecture.Take your time and enjoy your stay in Chikurakan.

Address: 1045 Chikuracho Minami-asai, Minami-boso, Chiba


5. Kamogawa Onsen / Kamogawakan

Kamogawakan is a traditional Japanese inn. All the rooms here have tatami floors and futon beddings, which gives a distinctive feel of the Japanese culture. You can enjoy the various facilities like the swimming pools, restaurants, banquet halls, and of course, the hot springs! Sumptuous kaiseki courses are also available for those who want to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine. A great hotel surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Address: 1179 Nishi-cho, Kamogawa City, Chiba


6. Yoro Onsen / Kawanoya

Kawanoya is a very laid back inn with a river flowing on the side. The rooms are simple but comfortable. The kaiseki meals are delicious using local ingredients like river fish, and vegetables. You can even rent some fishing gear if you are interested in river fishing. They also have a nice hot spring onsen that you can use to soak, and relieve the aches in your body. A nice place for a weekend get-away in Chiba.

Address: 932 Kuzufuji, Otaki-machi, Isumi-gun, Chiba

Website: (Japanese Only)

7. Katsuura Onsen / Ryokusuitei Katsuura Annex SUIKA

Ryokusuitei Katsuura Annex Suika is a modern Japanese Ryokan with great facilities. They have a spacious lounge where you can sit back and relax; free Wi-Fi is available with good reception, garden terrace, souvenir shops, and even a pet hotel. There is an indoor onsen and a large public bath outside where you can mix and mingle with your fellow guests.

Address: 1990 Okitsukuboyamadai, Katsuura-shi, Chiba

Website: (Japanese Only)

8. Kameyama Onsen / Kameyama Onsen Hotel

Kameyama Onsen Hotel is conveniently located near Lake Kameyama in Chiba. This hotel is old, and the facilities look like its age. However, it still has a unique charm of its own, which makes you think that it’s part of the experience. This is a nice place to spend some time with your family while soaking in the natural hot springs that the hotel has to offer. They also have a children’s playground so the kids won’t get bored during their stay.

Address: 65 Toyoda, Kimitsu-shi, Chiba

Website: (Japanese Only)

9. Shirahama Meraijima Onsen / Grand Hotel Taiyo

Grand Hotel Taiyo is a resort hotel with Japanese-style rooms that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. They have open-air baths and a communal bath for everyone to enjoy. The kaiseki meals are prepared with fresh sea foods, shellfish, and other local ingredients. Although the hotel and other facilities are old, it is still cost effective if you take the location and excellent food into consideration.

Address: 3535-5 Shirahamacho Shirahama, Minamiboso, Chiba

Website: (Japanese Only)

10. Chikura Kaitei Onsen / Hotel Chikura

Hotel Chikura is a sea-side hotel that is surrounded by nature. The highlights of this hotel are the food and of course, the hot spring facility. You can enjoy the hot springs while gazing at the sea. The service is great, the staffs are polite and friendly. The location is also ideal because it has easy access to the local attractions like temples and beaches.

Address: 2980-12 Seto, Chikura-cho, Minamiboso, Chiba

Website: (Japanese Only)

Data is as of October 2018

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