There are so many Japanese style products and snacks from Iwate perfect for souvenirs. This is a guide for shopping in Iwate!

1. Nanbu-Tekki Ironware

Nanbu-Tekki is a label for ironware that has a long history in Iwate. It is said that first produced in mid 17th Century. The first product was a teapot for a party inviting important persons to Morioka.

Now there are a variety of products such as teapots, iron bottles, pans, bottle opener, necklace, and ornaments. Nanbu-Tekki products are simple but very strong, and you can use them for a long time. The design is in Japanese style, very cute and perfect for home decoration too.


Nanbu-Tekki teapot

Nanbu-Tekki teapot

Nanbu-Tekki products are sold at any souvenir stores in Iwate, but here is a studio with a long history.


2-5 Konyachō, Morioka-shi, Iwate Prefecture

Closed on Sundays and New Years


2. Nanbu Senbei

Nanbu Senbei is the famous product of Iwate. It is a simple snack made from wheat flour, salt, and water. It is said that originally it was made by soba flours, tells us how water is clean here in Iwate. The dough is pressed into round waffle molds with long handles and baked over charcoals. There are many flavors but peppers and peanuts are the 2 most popular flavors for a long time. Nanbu Senbei can be found at every souvenir shops.


Nanbu Senbei

Nanbu Senbei


Iwateya (The producer of Nanbu Senbei)

3. Japanese lacquer ware

Iwate Prefecture produces the largest numbers of lacquer ware throughout Japan. Lacquer wares are traditional Japanese crafts.


Japanese lacquer ware with beautiful New Year food

Japanese lacquer ware with beautiful New Year food


At Urumi Kougei Studio, you can not only look at craftsman painting but also paint one for yourself. (reservation needed)

Urumi Kougei

2 Chome-9-23 Chuodori, Morioka-shi, Iwate Prefecture

Closed on New Year Holidays



4. Japanese Sake

Iwate is a land where sake producing skills are passed down traditionally. The name of “Nanbu Touji” (sake producer) is known throughout Japan. The climate in Iwate is perfect for producing high-quality rice and water. They developed skills, and together with the natural conditions, many famous sake labels has been produced, such as Asabiraki, Hamachidori, and Nanbu-Bijin.

How about buying sake back home as a souvenir? Sake for a souvenir is sold at souvenir stores and liquor shops.


Nanbu-Bijin’s sake bottle

Nanbu-Bijin’s sake bottle

5. Kamome no Tamago (かもめの玉子)

Kamome no Tamago is a famous confection produced in Iwate which won the gold medal at Monde Selection 1990. Wet but fluffy egg paste is wrapped with white chocolate, very sweet and tasty.


Kamome no Tamago

Kamome no Tamago


Saito Seika (The producer of Kamome no Tamago)

6. Gomasuri Dango (ごま摺り団子)

This dango is stuffed with sesame paste, and so silky that it instantly melts in the mouth. The popular souvenir of Iwate is produced by the long established confectionery Shoeido, which is founded in 1903.


Gomasuri Dango

Gomasuri Dango


Shoeido (The producer of Gomasuri Dango)

7. Nama Nanbu Sable (生南部サブレ)

Nanbu Senbei is usually crunchy but this Nanbu Sable is soft and sweet cookie-like confection.


Nama Nanbu Sable

Nama Nanbu Sable

Iwateya (The producer of Nama Nanbu Sable)

8. Iwayado Yokan (岩谷堂羊羹)

Yokan is a traditional Japanese confection (wagashi), which sets red bean paste by ager. There are many arranged flavors such as ones with black sugar or sesame. The most popular product is black sugar yokan.


Iwayado Yokan (maron)

Iwayado Yokan (maron)


Kaishindo (The producer of Iwayado Yokan)

9. Koiwai Farm Cookie

These cookies are produced by Koiwai Farm, also known as the famous sightseeing spot. You can choose from 4 flavors and there is mixed box too.


Sakura flavored Koiwai Farm Cookie

Sakura flavored Koiwai Farm Cookie


Koiwai Farm

10. Ishiwari Zakura (石割桜)

Ishiwarizakura is a confection that puts flavored cream with thin waffles. There are three kinds of flavors, vanilla, melon, and chocolate.


Ishiwari Zakura

Ishiwari Zakura


Marufuji (The producer of Ishiwari Zakura)

The name of Ishiwari Zakura is taken from the famous sightseeing spot Ishiwari Zakura, Rock-Breaking Cherry Tree. This is the 360 years old cherry tree growing out of a granite boulder. It is so beautiful when the flowers in full bloom!

Rock-Breaking Cherry Tree

Rock-Breaking Cherry Tree. From Wikipedia


9-1, Uchimaru, Morioka city
*In front of Morioka District Court building
(About 15 min walk from Morioka sta. )


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