Harajuku is not only the center of youth culture and fashion, but it is also a very popular shopping, dining and entertainment area in Tokyo. Harajuku is also a hub of energetic performances and lively festivals that happen all year round.

These events are usually held near Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park. Take note that if you like to join the festivities, you need to make careful plans because it is bound to be filled with fun, food, excitement and a large crowd of people. So bring your friends and experience the major festivals that are held in Harajuku!

Here are some of the well-known festivals that you can experience in Harajuku.

1. Harajuku Omotesando Super Yosakoi

The Harajuku Omotesando Super Yosakoi is one of the liveliest festivals in Tokyo. Thousands of lively dancers wearing colorful costumes parade on the streets to the delight of the spectators. It is also the largest and one of the most competitive dance festivals that are highly anticipated in Tokyo.

Event Location: Within Harajuku Omotesando and Shibuya-ku

Website: http://www.super-yosakoi.tokyo (Japanese Only)

2. Meiji Jingu Shrine Spring Festival (Haru No Taisai)

The Meiji Jingu Shrine is one of the biggest and most popular shrines in Tokyo. This oasis that is found on the Tokyo Metropolitan area is also the venue of the the Grand Spring Festival (Haru No Taisai). Enjoy the many traditional art performances that are led by the masters in this yearly event.

Event Location: Meiji Jingu Shrine

Website: http://meijijingu.or.jp/harunotaisai/index.html (Japanese Only)

3. Aoyama Pan Matsuri

For those who love bread, the Aoyama Pan Matsuri is an event that they can’t afford to miss. Artisans who specialize in bread making, gather in this event and showcase their skills as they create delicious bread of all kinds. The goal of this event is to advertise, improve and create new high quality and delicious Japanese bread for everyone to enjoy!

Website: https://www.facebook.com/aoyamapanmatsuri/

4. Aoyama Bon-Odori Festival

Bon Odori is a traditional dance performed in many parts of Japan, especially during summer time. In Aoyama (Harajuku Area), the Bon Odori is held in July and people of all ages wearing colorful yukata participate in this lively traditional event.

Website: http://www.aoyama-omotesandou.com/event/index.html (Japanese Only)

5. Forest Beer Garden

The Forest Beer Garden opens during summer time at the outer garden of the Meiji Shrine. Here you get to enjoy 2 hours all you can eat/drink for the price of ¥4,200 for men and ¥3,900 women (per person). It gets very crowded, and although walk-ins are accepted, it would be best if you make a reservation in advance.

Event Location: Outer Gardens of the Meiji Shrine

Website: https://mbg.rkfs.co.jp (Japanese Only)

6. Tokyo Design Week

The Tokyo Design week is an annual event showcasing amazing products and architectural designs and art pieces. The event lasts for 12 days and is found in the custom built venue at the Jingu Gaien Park. Talented designers, as well as aspiring talents (including students), display their creations for everyone to see and appreciate.

Event Location: Meiji Jingu Gaien Park

Website: http://tokyodesignweek.jp (Japanese Only)

7. Jingu Gaien Icho Matsuri

The Jingu Gaien Icho Matsuri is an event that celebrates Autumn by observing the colors of the gingko trees. At the end of Autumn, the path that connects Jingu Gaien to Aoyama Street is line up with beautifully colored gingko trees and some food stalls will be out to enjoy with the leaves. You can have some delicious snacks as you gaze upon the simple beauty of nature that surrounds you.

Event Location: Meiji Jingu Gaien Park

Website: http://www.jingugaien-ichomatsuri.jp/ (Japanese Only)

8. Hokkaido Festival in Yoyogi Park

You don’t have to be in Hokkaido to enjoy all delicious Hokkaido foods if you visit this festival. Specialty foods from Hokkaido, which is in the Northern part of Japan, (seafood and the likes) are seen in this event, and you get to enjoy these delicious dishes to your heart’s content. Indulge yourselves in eating crabs, urchin, scallops, octopus, salmon, shrimp and any Hokkaido specialty that you can think of!

Event Location: Yoyogi Park Event Square

Website: http://www.hokkai-syokudo.co.jp/yoyogi.php (Japanese Only)

9. Thai Festival

Thai Festival is an ethnic event that is organized at the Yoyogi Park every year during spring time. What awaits you there are exclusive Thai specialty food, arts, and performances. Every year there is something new, so feel free to take a peek and discover a delightful and delicious experience.

Event Location: Yoyogi Park Event Square

Website: http://www.thaifestival.jp/jp/ (Japanese Only)

10.Vietnam Festival

Like many other ethnic festivities in Tokyo, the Vietnam Festival offers a wide range of exotic food, drinks, and performances that are uniquely Vietnam. A great event which allows you to appreciate things that you had never experienced before. Highly recommended for those who want to feast on native delicacies that are only found in Vietnam.

Event Location: Yoyogi Park Event Square

Website http://www.vietnamfes.net/ (Japanese Only)



All Information in this article is as of June 2017

Thumbnail is from Flickr