Izakaya is a traditional Japanese restaurant serving Japanese sake and various traditional foods, including sushi and sashimi. It is a great way to experience a Japanese meal trying a lot of different dishes all in a row, so check this 10 best izakayas in Shinagawa and have a good time!

Bishoku Maimon Shinagawa (美食米門 品川)

Bishoku Maimon is a very stylish solution for a romantic night or for a cocktail party. Here you can book in advance classy sofa seats or more traditional solutions (like kotatsu or tatami seats). This Izakaya’s cuisine is, just like the atmosphere, creative but still in full Japanese-style. Plus, point, Bishoku Maimon serves food that your skin will thank you for. If you need some health charge this is the right place!

Address: Shinagawa East One Tower 1F 2-16-1 Konan Minato-ku, Tokyo

Website: https://www.dd-holdings.jp/shops/maimon/shinagawa (Japanese only)

Average price: ¥5,000 – ¥6,000

Nurukan Sato Gotenyamasaryo (ぬる燗佐藤 御殿山茶寮)

Behind the counter of Nurukan Sato Gotenyamasaryo there is a wall full of Japanese sake (nihonsu), Japanese spirits (shochu) and wines at your service for the night. Just as you guessed, this izakaya is the first choice if you want to enjoy some Japanese drink to the fullest! But if you happen to be here for lunch, no worries! Nurukan Sato Gotenyamasaryo offers a lot of delicious set courses too.

Address: Shinagawa st. ecute 2F, 3-26-27 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Website: https://nurukansato-gotenyama.com/ (Japanese only)

Average price: ¥3,000 – ¥4,000

Nakame No Teppen Shinagawa (なかめのてっぺん 品川)

Have you ever entered in a traditional izakaya, asked for the menu and then felt terrified because there are no pictures, and everything is written only in Japanese? Nakame no Teppen has thought about this problem, and for our joy, its menus are all with pictures!! Have fun and say goodbye to awkward order time. Make sure to try grilled fresh fish and their selections of Japanese sake.

Address: 3F, 2-2-2 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Website: https://www.mugen-c.jp/store_shinagawa.html  (Japanese only)

Average price: ¥4,000 – ¥5,000

Shinagawa Hatake (品川畑)

Here you can find two famous and traditional dishes: Shabu Shabu (Japanese steamboat) and sukiyaki. We highly recommend giving them a try! There are also multiple courses of all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink, and you can also ask for some vegetarian solutions, like the vegetable version of Shabu Shabu.

Address: 2-2-9 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Website: http://kidshd.co.jp/Shop?bumonCodeFull=15084

Average price: ¥4,000 – ¥5,000

Torishin Shinagawa (鳥心 品川)

“Torishin” in Japanese means “bird heart”, and in fact, this izakaya’s strong point is chicken dishes. Fried, steamed, roasted…there are a lot of cooking options to choose from! But believe us when we say that you will remain amazed by this izakaya chef’s ability to deliver a fantastic chicken! You can also add various side-dish to clean up your palate and try another chicken version… why not chicken wings?

Address: 3F, 2-4-18 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Website: https://tabelog.com/en/tokyo/A1314/A131403/13140387/

Average price: ¥3,000 – ¥4,000

Washoku, Sake, En Shinagawa Wing Takanawa (和食・酒 えん 品川 ウィング高輪)

In this izakaya, you can taste the so-called “kaiseki” cuisine, which is the simple and delicious daily cuisine in a traditional Japanese family. But, even though the atmosphere is quite like a family restaurant, you can book this izakaya for parties too and get some fantastic cocktails!

Address: B1F, 4-10-18 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Website: https://en-wing-takanawa.gorp.jp/ (Japanese only)

Average price: ¥4,000 – ¥5,000

Shinagawa Kakiiredoki (品川牡蠣入レ時)

Shinagawa Kakiiredoki specializes in seafood cuisine and is well-known for its fantastic oysters. Dish presentations can become quite elaborate here, but the ambient remains simple and cozy, with a beautiful night view.

Address: 9F, 2-2-2 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Website: https://tabelog.com/en/tokyo/A1314/A131403/13165555/

Average price: ¥4,000 – ¥5,000

Iburiya (いぶりや)

This is another izakaya dedicated to meat lovers! Iburiya serves the ultimate yakiniku for a reasonable price, so we definitely recommend giving it a shot for a consistent dinner! This izakaya also serves Korean dishes, so you can also enjoy some spicy food.

Address: 2-2-4 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Website: https://tabelog.com/en/tokyo/A1314/A131403/13049368/

Average price: ¥5,000 – ¥6,000

Haneuo (跳魚)

Here is an elegant solution for a romantic dinner for two, or for a night spent with friends in a big group! Haneuo is quite big and offers also private dining rooms for 8 to 30 people. Their izakaya dishes are just like art: essential, but at the same time elaborate, everything you will choose from the menu will be served with the best care and will delight your palate. You can’t go wrong!

Address: 2F, 2-2-9 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Website: https://www.jgroup.jp/business/jproject/shop/26 (Japanese only)

Average price: ¥4,000 – ¥5,000

Rojiura (路地裏)

This is the most inexpensive solution of our list, but it is also the most rated one! Here you can expect a huge variety of dishes, from skewers to sashimi, including the most popular dish is spicy beef stew, but it’s guaranteed you’ll exit this izakaya with a full stomach and a smile on your face. Simplicity is always the key, and Rojiura chef knows it best!

Address: 2-2-4 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Website: https://tabelog.com/en/tokyo/A1314/A131403/13027173/

Average price: under ¥3,000 – ¥4,000


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