Ginza, famous as one of the world’s most prominent shopping districts, is a foodie’s paradise where they can taste all sorts of exquisite Japanese flavors. It is a world full of diverse and unique cuisine than any other place all over the globe. The fact that the food is made using fresh and flavorsome ingredients makes people visit and try the top Japanese street food in Ginza. Enjoy some of the best street food that Ginza has to offer.

There is really something for everyone in our super-awesome list of the 10 delicious street food in Ginza. Let’s check out:

Mochi from Ginza Akebono

One of Japan’s most favorite treats, mochi comes in different colors, shapes, flavors, and forms, but all being soft and chewy rice cake with an extra sweet center. With mochi available in almost every corner of Japan, you should head to the specialty shop that serves amazingly tasty mochi. One of the most famous wagashi (Japanese sweets) shop in Tokyo is Ginza Akebono, which has been selling delicious mochi since the end of WWII. Their single-piece costs around 300 JPY, which attracts the people with its chewy texture, and if you hold it in your mouth, you can taste the amazingness of the rice. Their must-have is the strawberry Daifuku mochi that is served fresh and is sold only from December to April.

Address: 5-7-19, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Website: (Japanese only)

Cookies and Castella Biscuit Sand from Ginza Bakery

Shopping can get sometimes hard on your feet, and there comes a time when you need to take a breather and try some delicious street food in Ginza. It’s totally up to you if you want to stand in the queue at some popular store or try some place that boasts postwar traditions. Dating back to 1945, Ginza Bakery is a little, old-fashioned café which is not always crowded but is a good choice to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with some of their sweets. Famous all over Ginza for its cookies and castella biscuit sand, this place is great to enjoy your tea time. The castella biscuit is soft and light, sandwiched with yummy ice cream. The cream-filled between the biscuits is not too sweet, slightly following the sweetness of the biscuits.

Address: 1 Chome-5-5-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


Belgian Waffles from Ginza Manneken

While walking through Ginza, one could not stop himself going into the shop from where the fragrant aroma was coming from. Manneken Belgian Waffle is a small dessert shop that is known for bringing items to perfection and even to another level. Opened in 1986, it is the first and long-established store to sell authentic Belgian waffles in Japan. Their waffles are made with selected ingredients and have the crispy dough and are soft from inside. Different flavors are available depending on the seasons, but the must-try flavors here are the White Caramel Waffle and Matcha Green Tea Waffle. They also have a combo of waffle with soft-serve ice cream, which is very rich and creamy in taste, and both go very well together.

Address: Dai-ichi Life Ginza Folly Building 1F, 5-7-19 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Website: (Japanese only)

Gelatos from Luciano Gelato

When considering stores serving the best gelato in Ginza, Luciano Gelato tops the list. The shop specializes in Italian gelato and serves a range of interesting flavors that you might find hard in choosing one. The highlight here is the sweeter varieties, including rum raisin and tiramisu. They also serve great herbal tea that you can pair with your gelato. This certainly proves to be a winning combo as they provider delicious taste even in scorching weather. Some of their flavors are seasonal, and they also offer samples to the customers. Cafes in Ginza are overpriced, but you can enjoy two scoops of gelato here only for 500 JPY.

Address: Marronnier Gate Ginza B2F, 3-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Website: (Japanese only)

Anpan from Kimuraya

When hungry, you might want to try one of Ginza’s best street foods, Kimuraya’s Anpan. Anpan is a classic Japanese pastry that is prepared by wrapping freshly-baked bread around the jam made of sugar and red beans. For more than 140 years, there is a bakery named Kimuraya that is known as the oldest store serving the best anpan in Ginza. They are famous for their Sakadane Anpan, made with rice, koji, and water instead of yeasts, which was the same recipe presented to the Meiji Emperor of Japan. Locally produced buns and carefully selected ingredients are used for making the anpan. People come to this bakery from very far locations to try their nine different varieties of anpan, varying from season to season.

Address: 4-5-7, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Website: (Japanese only)

Matcha Soft Serve Ice Cream and Matcha Drinks from Tsujiri Ginza

A trip to Japan will certainly be incomplete if you miss out on the exquisite matcha delicacies. Matcha is a finely ground green tea powder that is commonly used in the preparation of Japanese sweets. Tsujiri Ginza is a long-standing matcha shop that is certainly the best spot to satisfy your matcha cravings in Ginza. To try the super-rich matcha version of the soft-serve ice cream, there is no better place than Tsujiri. When it comes to drinks, this tea shop also has a green tea latte, and green tea smoothie, which is great for summer.

Address: Ginza Six B2F, 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Website: (Japanese only)

Croquette from Dosanko Plaza

Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza is an antenna shop, a famous shopping destination among locals and travelers alike that gathers specialties from different places in Japan. Around 1,000 different kinds of products are sold at this shop, from which the most famous one is the croquette. People from different places visit this store to try their freshly-made potato or beef croquettes in assorted flavors. They are so crunchy from outside but have a soft and flaky texture from inside. To satiate your hunger, visit this one and only place as no other department store in Ginza sells such heavenly Hokkaido specialties.

Address: Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan 1F, 2-10-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Website: (Japanese Only)

Gold Leaf Soft Serve Ice Cream from Ishikawa Hyakumangoku Monogatari

Ice cream parlors in Japan have started selling gold ice cream, which might be the fanciest way to enjoy your summer treat. Gold? Yes, you got it right. Gold is safe to eat and adds a slight taste, enhancing the flavor of the ice cream. Nowadays, it is a hot trend gracing Instagrammers in Japan. From plenty of shops serving ice cream topped off with gold leaf, Hyakumangoku Monogatari stands out as it is a pioneer of edible gold leaf. Hyakumangoku Monogatari is a prefectural goods shop whose gold-wrapped ice cream is a symbol of Kanazawa, the largest producer of gold leaf in Japan. It serves luxurious gold leaf ice cream, which is not only visually stunning but has typical soft-serve ice cream inside, offering the most intense experience ever.

* Ishikawa Hyakumangoku Monogatari is closed until February 2020 for the renewal.

Address: TH Ginza Bldg, 2-2-18 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Website: (Japanese Only)

Okinawan Donut from Ginza Washita Shop


From Flickr – Delicious Okinawan doughnut served with a beer

What could be a better way than experiencing the diversity and oddity of Japan through tasting its cuisine? Okinawan food is quite different from traditional Japanese food due to its unique history, and they are so rich in taste. To make people savor the authentic Okinawan food in Ginza, there is an antenna shop called Ginza Washita that offers some of the best Okinawan goods. Serving a huge range of Okinawan food, the most recommended by the locals is sata andagi (round Okinawan doughnuts). Sata Andagi is a scrumptious traditional sweet of Okinawa, which is basically a deep-fried bun similar to doughnuts.

Address: Marut Ginza Building 1F, B1F 1-3-9 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Website: (Japanese only)

Osaka-style Takoyaki from Osaka Hyakkaten

Tokyo has a place where you can savor the specialties of Osaka, especially Takoyaki. Takoyaki is a round-shaped Japanese appetizer that is filled with diced octopus and savory sauce. In Ginza, Osaka Hyakkaten acts as a showroom for Osaka, offering different kinds of flavors and textures of real Osaka-style Takoyaki. These are soft and fluffy octopus balls, not as much crispy as it is in Tokyo style. People come here again and again, to eat this delicious Ginza street food, all thanks to its authenticity and exquisite flavors.

Address: Kotsu Kaikan 1F, 2-10-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo



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