Shinbashi is a business and entertainment hub of central Tokyo that serves as a natural arrival point from all directions. If you feel hungry while exploring the Shinbashi area, you might want to eat delectable food. This region has a high concentration of famous restaurants that mainly serve yakiniku (grilled beef, or commonly called Korean BBQ) at reasonable prices. So, if you want to enjoy the exquisite taste of yakiniku, Shinbashi is the place for you to go.

Here are 10 of the best yakiniku restaurants in Shinbashi:

1. Yakiniku Okuu (焼き肉おくう)

Yakinuki Okuu is a well-established restaurant located near Shinbashi Station that serves supremely thick cuts of the Yamagata beef and Satsuma Beef. They get the whole Yamagata cattle to offer quality beef, including the cuts of rare parts that can’t be found anywhere else at such affordable cost. At this restaurant, different kinds of rare cuts are served daily, such as chuck tender, complexus muscle, rare parts of the fillet, and meat around ribeye rolls. The restaurant also has an exceptional assortment of sake (Japanese rice wine), beer, umeshu, cocktails, and more.

Address: EXCEL Shimbashi B1F, 2-5-1 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo


2. Tokuju (徳壽)

Known for its exceptional food quality, Tokuju is a yakiniku restaurant located at a 3-minute walking distance from the Shinbashi Station. This popular eating spot has been around since 1957. You can have its all-you-can-eat courses from 6000 JPY that have 16-21 items, including wagyu galbi, innards, aged wagyu, and gyutan (beef tongue). If you find this expensive, you can try the lunch dishes and sets that start from 1,400 JPY too. Lunch includes beef, kimchi, salad, soup, and coffee or ice cream.

Address: 3-11-8 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo


3. Taberiya (たべり家)

This Yakiniku restaurant in Shinbashi serves top-quality A5 Kuroge Wagyu beef and supreme domestic beef from Kagoshima Prefecture. They offer all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink courses, which allow you to try unlimited food and drink with a time limit of two hours. Their drink menu also includes red and white wines that you can enjoy with delectable black Japanese wagyu beef in a chic atmosphere.

Address: 4-14-8, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo


4. Ushi Waka Maru (牛WAKA丸)

A 6-minute walk from Shimbashi Station, this yakiniku restaurant is where you can savor real Japanese flavors in a stylish atmosphere while enjoying the night view from the terrace. At this restaurant, you can enjoy the marriage of delicious Japanese wagyu, and branded beef with the exquisite sake selection procured from different parts of Japan. They offer quality beef, including the cuts of rare parts that are hard to find elsewhere. If you visit this place, have Specialty Tongue from their menu to enjoy the deliciousness of gravy and the umami of fat in a perfect way.

Address: APA Hotel Shimbashi Onarimon 1F, 6-10-3 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo


5. Pure (ぴゅあ)

Pure is a yakiniku restaurant well-known for serving exceptionally fresh beef at an affordable price. Their Japanese black beef has such great taste that nobody has ever tasted. With delicious meat available for both lunch and dinner, Pure is an ideal option for parties, dates, and business meetings. Don’t forget to visit this place on the 29th of every month as they celebrate Meat Day and offer Wagyu Galbi Lunch only for 1,000 JPY. Their courses that come with all-you-can-drink service is also famous.

Address: Yokoyama Building B1, 3-16-12 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo


6. Yakiniku x Bar Maruushi Meat Shimbashi (焼肉✕バル マルウシミート新橋)

Maruushi Meat is a bar-style yakiniku restaurant that serves high-quality meat with a careful selection of fresh ingredients. The meat here is qualified A4/A5 class Japanese black beef. Must-have items include Maruushi Rock and Luxurious Sea Urchin Roll that you can enjoy with all your five senses. The interior offers a chic, comfy, and clean environment, and guests can also enjoy their meal in private rooms. With its nice location and quality food at a reasonable price, you can expect your satisfaction rate to be high.

Address: PREX Bldg. Nishi-Shinbashi 1F-B1F, 2-4-12, Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo


7. Taijuen (太樹苑)

Taijuen is a yakiniku bar in Shinbashi that serves high-quality meat delicious enough to make your taste buds truly sing with happiness. It is a Japanese-style modern and softly lit place where guests can enjoy the domestic beef in a stylish setting. The restaurant is always crowded and has course menus ranging from 2700 JPY, and all-you-can-drink options are available too. All menu items are superbly tasty and juicy, served with wonderful sauces complementing the meat. The food served here is guaranteed to satisfy your tongue and stomach every time you visit it.

Address: 2-3-7, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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8. Ushigoro Bambina Shimbashi (うしごろバンビーナ 新橋)

Ushigoro Bambina is a yakiniku and wine bar that is known for its A5-ranked Japanese black wagyu. The restaurant serves high-quality wines under the supervision of wine experts at reasonable prices. Outside the restaurant, one can find a barrel and a menu display, making it a hidden-gem for meat-lovers. The dining area is well-ventilated with central exhaust fans and wide seats. People can enjoy the perfect combination of their incredibly delicious meat with the selection of wines. The most recommended items are grilled beef tongue and steak.

Address: Misawa Building 1F, 2-15-3 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo


9. SHIROKUMA (しろくま)

After about a 7-minute walk from the Shiodome Station, SHIROKUMA is a yakiniku bar that specializes in Genghis Khan, a style of yakiniku that grills lamb and muttons with vegetables instead of beef or pork. It is a cozy restaurant where guests can enjoy high-quality Genghis Khan sitting at the counter. The restaurant has the nicely-marbled tender cut to give a flavorful, melt-in-the-mouth sensation. Only those ingredients are used in making the dishes that the chef himself has selected with his skilled eyes. It is highly accepted by the people for serving great quality meat dishes at a very reasonable price.

Address: 2-8-14, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo


10. Shikishima (敷島)

Shikishima is a warm and relaxed yakiniku restaurant in the Shinbashi area offering Japanese meat of top-quality with an amazing assortment of wines in a super-stylish interior. The chef uses fresh meat and other ingredients that are carefully chosen in person at the market. This place closes at around 11 AM so you can really take your time and enjoy your dinner.

Address: 2-5-6, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo



All information in this article is as of October 2019

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