Ikebukuro area is famous for original cafes and is often called the “Akihabara of girls”, because a lot of Ikebukuro manga shops sell girls-oriented articles more than Akihabara itself. Nevertheless, Ikebukuro is a very good spot for a relaxing break, so here are our top 10 recommended cafes to chill out!

Cafe Terve!

Café Terve! is specialized in making all kinds of bread. This café proudly states that its bread is made only with natural ingredients and is baked daily to offer always the best texture to its customers. If you are a fan of bread this is your spot! Café Terve!’s bread offer may vary, as the baker likes to experiment and create new varieties from time to time.

Website: http://www.cafeterve.com/ (Japanese only)

Address: Apollo Mansion 1F 3-33-24 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Average price: ¥1,000

Racines FARM to PARK

This café’s dishes are a huge hit, in every aspect! They are really good and huge, so make sure to come here with an empty stomach, or you won’t be able to finish off this delicacy! Racines FARM to PARK’s intern is very stylish, and it has an outside space to Instagram your fantastic food with a great view!

Website: http://www.racines-park.com/ (Japanese only)

Address: Minami Ikebukuro Park, 2-21-1 Minami Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Average price: ¥1,000 – ¥2,000


Exactly how you guessed, this café’s specialty is coffee! They offer a wide selection of brewed coffee from Madagascar, Vietnam, Cuba and many others. Every kind of coffee has a different taste and flavor to discover, so you definitely can’t get bored here! Try their “3PEAKS” – it’s a flight which you can taste the same beans in different ways. Of course, it’s strongly recommended to accompany your cup of coffee/cappuccino with some sweets, that vary by season.

Website: https://coffeevalley.jp/

Address: 2-26-3 Minami Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Average price: ¥1,000

Kyou Sabou TSURU (京 茶房 TSURU)

Welcome to a traditional Japanese café! Kyou Sabou TSURU offers Japanese sweets, delicious tea and even kakigori (Japanese shaved ice). If you still haven’t tried Japanese-style sweets and drinks, this is the right place! Have a nice break with the delicate flavor of this goodies!

Website: https://www.sogo-seibu.jp/ikebukuro/diningpark/cafe/tsuru/index.html (Japanese Only)

Address: 1-28-1 Minami Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Average price: ¥1,000 – ¥2,000


IZUKOGEN KENNY'S HOUSE CAFE specializes in soft serve and homemade waffles. The atmosphere is like a resort hotel and very relaxing. Their waffles come with various fruits and quite filling. It's located inside Sunshine City Ikebukuro, which means this cafe is a perfect place for a break during shopping in the mall.

Website: https://sunshinecity.jp/en/restaurant/restaurant_list/entry-599.html

Address: Sunshine City 1F, 3-1-1 Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

PATISSERIE a la Campagne

A very classy café, from its pasta to its refined cakes and tarts. Inspired by French cuisine, Patisserie a la Campagne will surprise you with a huge variety of fantastic cakes: the colors (and the taste) are amazing!

Website: http://www.alacampagne.jp/ (Japanese only)

Address: Marui City Ikebukuro 1F, 3-28-13 Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Average price: ¥1,000 – ¥2,000

Kyouhayashiya Ikebukuro (京はやしや 池袋)

This is another great place to try Japanese traditional sweets like kakigori, mochi etc., and of course some high-quality matcha green tea. Most of Kyouhayashiya’s sweets are made using matcha as a principal ingredient, so you will have the opportunity to try more mature flavors, as traditional Japanese patisseries don’t use so much sugar as the European one.

Website: http://www.kyo-hayashiya.com/ (Japanese only)

Address: Seibu Ikebukuro 8F, 1-28-1 Minami Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Average price: ¥1,000 – ¥2,000


Callaway is our highest recommendation for a break after some shopping, as it is located right inside Tobu department store. This tea house is very simple, and the intern is in the classic Japanese style. The norm at Callaway is to have a good cup of tea that comes in a set with a sweet bowl: it can be Japanese ice cream, mochi, fruits or everything listed above!

Website: http://www.tobu-dept.jp/ikebukuro/shop/106228102 (Japanese only)

Address: Tobu Ikebukuro 8F, 1-1-25 Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Average price: ¥1,000


As the name suggests, this café is perfect for shaking your day first in the morning with a good cup of coffee but has a lot more to offer. First of all, you should try their lunch sets. You can choose diverse kind of cuisine, like curry, pasta, hamburger, steak, or completely trust the cook and go for the lunch of the week! (PS: they serve pizza too)

Website: http://www.gmc-ikebukuro.com/ (Japanese only)

Address: Lumine 8F, 1-11-1 Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Average price: ¥1,000 – ¥2,000

Gelato pique cafe creperie

Who wants a crepe? Gelato Pique Café Creperie specializes in crepes, but there aren’t the plain ones you may be used to. This cafe really takes seriously its crepes filling, so it serves them with a generous amount of gelato, whipped cream and so much more! Have fun discovering all kinds of flavors in one of the best Ikebukuro’s crepe spots!

Website: http://pique-cafe.com/eng/

Address: Lumine 1F, 1-11-1 Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Average price: ¥1,000


All information in this article is as of August 2018.