Tonkatsu is a very popular food in Japan usually served with shredded cabbage and rice. It is sometimes accompanied by a special sauce that is suited for deep fried foods. In recent years, tonkatsu has also been combined with curry to create that crunchy and delicious combination.

While it is not advisable to eat tonkatsu on a regular basis, it is one of those “hard to resist” delicacies that you can personally prepare whenever the mood sets in. Of course, there are many restaurants in Ginza specialize in Tonkatsu that you can visit to compare the taste until you find one that will become your favorite place.

These are some of the best places in Ginza where you can enjoy this mouth-watering dish!

1. Nishimura (にし邑)

The tonkatsu in Nishimura is moist, tender and has a rich taste. Because of this, it is one of the most popular tonkatsu restaurants in the city. The perfect place to dine after watching the Kabuki performance at the Kabuki theater.

Address: 3-12-6 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo


2. Tonkatsu Kappou Katsuzen (とんかつ割烹 かつぜん)

Tonkatsu Kappou Katsuzen is a family restaurant and headed by Mr. Etsuo Nagai. A chef who had spent many years in perfecting his own version of this favorite Japanese dish. The tonkatsu which is served with shredded cabbage and a special sauce is very delicious and is very popular among the locals and tourist alike.

Katsuzen has a sophisticated atmosphere worthy of a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Address: 6-8-7 Ginza Chuo Tokyo


3. Bairin (梅林)

Bairin is said to be the first Tonkatsu Specialty restaurant in Ginza. This is the place that gave birth to the famous Katsu sandwich after the world war. Over the years, the flavor of their tonkatsu has greatly improved while retaining its rich and crispy taste!

Address: 7-8-1 Ginza Chuo Tokyo


4. Imakatsu (イマカツ 銀座店)

Aside from the well-known tonkatsu, Imakatsu also offers sasami katsu. What is sasami katsu? It is chicken breast strips that have a lighter batter compared to the usual tonkatsu. Surprisingly, this delicious and juicy creation is very popular with the local and foreign diners.

Address: 4-13-18 Ginza Chuo Tokyo


5. Akebono (あけぼの)

Akebono is one of those places that places a lot of effort in the food that they make. Everything is done manually even the rice which is cooked in a traditional iron kettle! The place can get very crowded especially during lunch time so if you’re planning to eat at Akebono, be sure to come early.

Their signature menu Katsudon is a rice bowl dish (tonkatsu, and egg placed over the rice, which is flavored mainly with soy sauce).

Address: 2-10-1 Yurakucho Chiyoda Tokyo


6. Wagokoro Tonkatsu Anzu (あんず)

You’ll find Anzu at the 11th floor of the Mitsukoshi Ginza store. Aside from tonkatsu, they also serve beef katsu and a special vegetarian katsu set. It has a very nice atmosphere, and they also have an English menu, which helps if you can’t read and understand Japanese.

Address: Ginza Mitsukoshi 11F, 4 Chome-6-16- Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Website: (Japanese Only)

7. Genkatsu (ゲンカツ)

Genkatsu is a very popular tonkatsu restaurant, especially for the ladies. The reason is probably because of their thin layered pork tonkatsu that is very easy to chew. Their Genkatsu Zen which is accompanied by rice, miso soup, pickles and shredded cabbage is one of their most recommended dishes.

Address: Ginza Act Building 3F, 4 Chome-6-18 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo


8. Yabaton (矢場とん 東京銀座店)

Have you ever tasted Misokatsu? If you haven’t then it would be a great opportunity to try this unique tonkatsu dish at Yabaton. You can either choose pork, seafood or deep fried vegetables covered in delicious Red Soybean Miso Sauce!

Address: 2 Chome-11-2 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo


9. Tonki (とん喜)

Tonki is a restaurant where you’ll find reasonably priced tonkatsu without compromising the taste. The owner really gave this restaurant a well thought out name because the word “ton” can mean pig and “ki” means happiness. With that said, you’ll know that you went to the right place to eat delicious tonkatsu.

Address: 6-5-15 Ginza Chuo Tokyo

Website: (Japanese Only)

10. Tonkatsu Fuji (とんかつ不二)

Tonkatsu Fuji is a family owned Tonkatsu restaurant that has a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. The owner likes to interact with his guests whenever the store is not too busy. The price is very affordable, and their tonkatsu is crispy and juicy. The assorted tonkatsu meal is also available for those who are interested in eating different flavors in one bowl.

Address: 7-6-2 Ginza Chuo Tokyo


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Restaurant Data is as of November 2016

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