Kamakura is a city filled with tourist attractions and natural wonders. After a day of strolling around the city, it would be a great idea to enjoy the local restaurants in Kamakura to have a taste of their local cuisines. Like many other cities in Japan, Kamakura has their own prided sushi restaurants that will satisfy your sushi cravings.

Each restaurant goes out of their way to showcase their skills to make a good first impression. With so many restaurants to choose from in Kamakura, I’m sure that you’re having a hard time. Look no further because this article will guide you to the places that you’re looking for.

Here are the 10 best sushi restaurants that you will find in Kamakura.

1. Kamakura Izumi (鎌倉 以ず美)

Kamakura Izumi is one of the well-known sushi restaurants in Kamakura. The taste is just right, and you just can’t stop yourself from eating until you’re satisfied. The shrimp, squid, oysters and other items on their menu are waiting for those who are willing to visit this sushi restaurant. The owner is also hospitable and makes the visit worth it.

Address: 2-17-18 Hase Kamakura Kanagawa

Website: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1404/A140402/14000211/

2. Sakai (左可井)

Beautiful Oshi-sushi (pressed sushi) from Sakai

Beautiful Oshi-sushi (pressed sushi) from Sakai

Sakai is considered as one of the gems of Kamakura. Their anago (salt water eel) is something that you should definitely try! It’s one of those items whose popularity are spread by word of mouth and believe me; you will definitely enjoy it for sure! They only have simple items on their menu, but the place can get crowded during lunch time. If you don’t want to wait in line, try to go there as early as possible.

Address: 2-1-31 Jomyoji Kamakura Kanagawa

Website: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1404/A140402/14002946/

3. Wasabi (和さび)

Wasabi is one of the most popular sushi restaurants in Kamakura. The name might remind you of the usual Japanese spicy condiment “wasabi”, yes you’re going to be eating it a lot. Wasabi is an old traditional Japanese restaurant, and if you love traditional restaurants, you’re going to love Wasabi. With only 18 seats and a personal sushi chef to serve you, a reservation will definitely make things easier.

Address: 2-2-1 Jomyoji Kamakura Kanagawa

Website: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1404/A140402/14001669/

4. Sushi Dokoro Matsumoto (鮨処まつ本)

Sushi Dokoro Matsumoto is found in the basement of a building near Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine. This is also the reason why it’s hard to find. At Sushi Dokoro Matsumoto, you can enjoy delicious sushi lunch for a reasonable price. Take note that you might want to ask for directions from the locals if you want to locate this sushi restaurant.

Address: 1-8-36 Yukinoshita Kamakura Kanagawa

Website: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1404/A140402/14006787/

5. Kamakura Kohana Sushi (かまくら小花寿司)

Kamakura Kohana Sushi is a traditional sushi restaurant that makes you want to visit it over and over again. They only serve sushi which means that the ingredients are always fresh. With every bite, you feel that the sushi just melts in your mouth, which shows the level of skill that their sushi chef possesses. Great for those who want to eat sushi in Kamakura.

Address: 1-11-13 Hase Kamakura Kanagawa

Website: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1404/A140402/14003244/

6. Kikuzushi (喜久寿司)

Kikuzushi is near the east exit of the Kamakura Station. The sushi is good and is reasonably priced. Their tuna rice bowl and sashimi rice bowl (Chirashi Sushi) is also another great item on their menu. Perfect for people who just want to have a filling lunch before they go and explore the city of Kamakura.

Address: 2-10-2 Komachi Kamakura Kanagawa

Website: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1404/A140402/14002811/

7. Tennenya (大船 天然や)

Tennenya is an izakaya that specializes in seafood dishes. You can enjoy your sushi and sashimi while drinking your favorite draft beer in one go. A great place to eat, drink and talk about the good old times with your drinking buddies. Having a few assorted dishes on your table would keep the story and beer flowing.

Address: 1-19-20 Ofuna Kamakura Kanagawa

Website: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1404/A140401/14052643/

8.Sushi Enishi (鮨 えにし)

Sushi Enishi is a small sushi restaurant that only has 6 seats. Although it’s small, the shop feels warm and the couple who runs it is very hospitable and friendly. Feel free to order their assorted sashimi if you can’t decide what to order. Order a glass of sake to complete the set and enjoy your meal.

Address: 1-3-4 Komachi Kamakura Kanagawa

Website: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1404/A140402/14035731/

9. Kosen (光泉)

Kosen is an ideal place to buy traditional inari sushi and sushi rolls on the go. It’s like buying a boxed lunch, only this time it’s a box filled with inari and sushi. It taste is good and is quite filling as well. Perfect for souvenirs for your friends back home!

Address: 501 Yamanouchi Kamakura Kanagawa

Website: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1404/A140401/14002918/

10. Ofunaken (大船軒 江ノ電 鎌倉駅)

Ofunaken is well known for their boxed sandwich and sushi. Their ham and cheese sandwich is simple yet very delicious. The same can be said for their mackerel and persimmon leaf sushi as well. This specially made bentos (lunch box in Japanese) are perfect for those who love to travel. Their bento is also sold at Kamakura Station. Not to mention, it can also serve as a souvenir so make sure to buy a few before you go back home!

Address: 1-12 Onarimachi Kamakura Kanagawa

Website: http://www.ofunaken.co.jp

All information in this article is as of July 2017

Thumbnail image is from Flickr