Sushi is a very popular dish not only in Japan but around the world as well. It is usually eaten during celebrations and other important events. Not known to many, there are many types of sushi, and there are people who spent years in perfecting the art of making them.

If you just want to eat regular sushi, you can visit a conveyor sushi restaurant or packaged sushi that are available in supermarkets and convenience stores. On the other hand, for important events and celebrations, there are high-end options that you can choose from.

Sushi is made up of vinegared rice combined with other ingredients like seafood, meat, vegetables, and fruits. It’s not that hard to find sushi in Japan. The hard part is finding “delicious sushi” that is prepared with high culinary skills and seasoned to perfection. Harajuku and Omotesando are among the places in Tokyo where you can find delicious sushi that will suit your taste.

Here are some of the popular sushi place that you will find in Harajuku and Omotesando.

1. Tsukiji Tama Sushi Sasashigure Omotesando Hills (築地玉寿司 ささしぐれ 表参道ヒルズ)

Tsukiji Tamasushi is a great place to enjoy delicious sushi in Omotesando. Especially the tuna that are directly purchased from the Tsukiji Market so you can be assured of its freshness and quality. Tsukiji Tama Sushi is a famous sushi house that was first opened in 1924. Today, they have more than 25 branches all over Japan.

Address: Omotesando Hills Main Building 3F, 4 Chome-12 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


2. Sushi Oumi Aoyama (鮨 青海 青山店)

Sushi Oumi Aoyama aims to offer sushi at a reasonable price so that even younger generations can try expensive sushi casually, which makes a great place for budget-savvy travelers, too! Their nigiri starts at 13,000 JPY, but it includes quite every essence of a typical Edo-mae style sushi course dinner. They are especially particular about providing sea urchins, as they stock many different kinds of sea urchins from all over Japan. So this is a place for sea urchin (uni) lovers as well.

Address: 5-8-5, Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo


3. Umi (海味)

Everything is top-level at Umi. Its sushi, ambiance, hospitality reflects the head sushi chef's tremendous amount of work: the head chef himself carefully select rice, vinegar, and seafood. You can encounter with the best balance of top-level ingredients. You should also try various delicacies and side dishes at Umi, as they are also amazing. No wonder it has won a Michelin star.

Address: 3-2-8 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo


4. Heiroku Sushi (平禄寿司)

Heiroku Sushi is conveniently located near Omotesando Station. This conveyor belt sushi restaurant is quite well known in the area as well. They have English menu, and the staffs are very friendly. Whether you prefer to enjoy the classic salmon or tuna sushi, Heiroku Sushi will satisfy your sushi cravings.

Address: 5-8-5 Jingumae, Shibuya 150-0001, Tokyo


English Menu:

5. Gonpachi NORI-TEMAKI Harajuku

Gonpachi, as known as Kill Bill Restaurant, has been famous for many years from the Quentin Jerome Tarantino’s film “Kill Bill”. That Gonpachi restaurant introduces a new sushi style "Temaki" (hand-rolled sushi) in Harajuku. They serve freshly made sushi after customer's order in a casual atmosphere and reasonable price. You should visit this restaurant if you are looking for something new. We have written a review article about this restaurant, so check it out to learn more!

The famous Kill Bill restaurant opened a sushi restaurant in Harajuku!

Address: 1F Co-op Olympia, 6-35-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo

Price: ¥ 1,000 ~ ¥1,999


6. Edomae Sushi Aoyama Sanaka (江戸前寿司 青山さなか)

Edomae Sushi Aoyama Sanaka is the best place to go if you are looking for delicious Edo-Style sushi. However, this sushi house is not easy to find; the restaurant does not have any signs outside. Those lucky enough to accidentally stumble on this hidden gem are rewarded with one of the best tasting sushi in the city. Delicious sushi at a very affordable price at lunchtime, what more can anyone ask for?

Address: 6-14-1 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo


7. Sushi Hachibei (すし 八兵衛)

Sushi Hachibei is a sushi house and a Japanese Izakaya all in one complete package. What does this mean? It means you can choose between sushi and other meat dishes that are also included in some of their set menus. Definitely a great place to visit if you plan to enjoy a fun and delicious time with your family and friends.

Address: 3-15-13 Minamiaoyama Minato Tokyo

Website: (Japanese Only)

8. Sushi Issei (鮨 いっ誠)

The price range and atmosphere of Sushi Issei is in between casual sushi restaurants like conveyor belt sushi and high-end sushi restaurants like Sushi Masuda. Seasonal ingredients like wild vegetables and the freshest seafood will make your visit worth your while. Their lunch menu is highly recommended because they do not provide all sushi at the same time. Instead, they provide it piece by piece so you can enjoy the freshly made sushi even at lunch time.

Address: 3-12-7-102, Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0061


9. Sushi Kidoguchi (鮨 きどぐち)

Easily one of the most expensive and delicious sushi house in the area, Kidoguchi’s fame is due to their master chef’s. You can even say that it is professionalism to its finest. Not only does the chef excel when it comes to sushi preparation, he is also very attentive to his guests and would go that extra mile to ensure that they leave Kidoguchi with a smile on their face.

Address: 5-6-3 Minamiaoyama Minato Tokyo


10. Sushi Mimoto (鮨 みもと)

Sushi aficionados will find Sushi Mimoto to their liking. High culinary skills combined with the freshest ingredients creates a masterpiece that will satisfy any picky sushi eater. Just a taste and you’ll know, you’ll keep on coming back to Sushi Mimoto.

Address: 3-13-5 Kitaaoyama Minato Tokyo

Website: (Japanese Only)

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