Shabu Shabu is an experiential dish. Before you get to enjoying this warm meal in your mouth, you have to labor a little. The idea of cooking your own food in a restaurant is actually a bit funny at first, but because restaurants give you access to choice ingredients and a nice dining atmosphere, it makes for a fun and interesting affair.

Shabu Shabu is best enjoyed in the company of friends and family, and in case your group plans to eat out in Shinjuku, here are 10 of the best shabu-shabu restaurants in the area.

1. Niimura (にいむら 西新宿店)


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Shabu Shabu at Niimura.

Looking for a place to have a nice Shabu Shabu dinner at the nightlife district of Kabukicho? However late you arrive, you will still be accommodated at Niimura. This restaurant still welcomes diners past midnight and serves them appetizing Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki dishes. They only serve quality Japanese beef with a choice between standard and premium grade meat. It comes with a set of vegetables, tofu, Mochi (rice cake), noodles, and dessert.

Address: 1F Kawashin Building 1-14-3 Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Price: ¥3,000 ~ ¥3,999


2. Sururi (するり)



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Shabu Shabu at Sururi.

Udon is great with Shabu Shabu and in Sururi, you get to have the best of both worlds. This restaurant is an Udon specialist that serves great hot pot too. Noodles are usually the “closer” to a Shabu Shabu dish. Meaning, you dunk the noodles into the leftover broth to finish off the meal. Slurp the two until the very last drop.

Address: 1-2-9 Kabukicho Shinjuku Tokyo

Price: ¥3,000 ~ ¥3,999

Website: (Japanese only)

3. Shabujo (しゃぶ叙 本店)


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Selection of meat at Shabujo.

For a fancier dining option in Kabukicho, head to Shabujo. They offer à la carte and set menu with a wide variety of meat choices. Besides Japanese beef, they also serve pork and assorted seafood such as snow crabs, scallops, and prawns.

Address: 2-22-5 Kabukicho Shinjuku Tokyo

Price: ¥6,000 ~ ¥7,999

Website: (Japanese only)

4. Rokkasen (六歌仙)


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Shabu Shabu and Yakiniku at Rokkasen.

Rokkasen has a good selection of high-grade meat at reasonable prices. For their Shabu Shabu course meals, they use Japanese Black Cattle and a more premium option, Matsuzaka Beef. They are also popular for their Yakiniku (grilled meat), which you can order à la carte. Time-based all-you-can-eat option is also available for an extra charge.

Address: 1-3-1 Nishishinjuku Shinjuku Tokyo

Price: ¥8,000 ~ ¥9,999


5. Mo-Mo Paradise (モーモーパラダイス 歌舞伎町牧場)

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Mo-Mo Paradise is Shabu Shabu paradise. It’s an ultra-popular all-you-can-eat Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki restaurant where diners can enjoy time-based courses. The basic course is the Mo-Para Course, which offers unlimited servings of beef, pork, chicken, vegetable, rice, noodles, and choice of broth, priced at ¥2,000 and good for 100 minutes. Extra charges apply if you want more variety or if you want to go beyond the time allocation. Drinks, on the other hand, are sold separately.

Address: 8F Humax Pavilion 1-20-1 Kabukicho Shinjuku Tokyo

Price: ¥2,000 ~ ¥2,999


6. Nabezo (鍋ぞう)


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Nabezo Shabu Shabu.

Nabezo is a well-established chain of restaurants that specializes in all-you-can-eat Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki with 16 branches in Tokyo alone, 4 of which are in Shinjuku. Their course menu offerings are also time-based and the best deals happen during lunch time on weekdays. During these times, their Nabezo Course is priced at ¥1,800. It comes with dessert, on top of the usual course items.

Address: 8F Shinjuku Takano Building 3-30-11 Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Price: ¥2,000 ~ ¥2,999


7. On-Yasai (温野菜)


Wagyu feast vol.2 - shabu shabu 🍲🍶

Wagyu Shabu Shabu at On-Yasai.

On-Yasai is Japan’s largest Shabu-Shabu restaurant chain with over 300 branches across the country. Aside from the quality of their meat, they are known for providing a wide selection of vegetables, appetizers, and side dishes to enjoy with your hot pot dish. They offer an All You Can Eat Buffet, à la carte items, and set menu courses.

Address: Tops House 6F, 3-20-8 Shinjuku Shinjuku Tokyo

Price: ¥3,000 ~ ¥3,999

Website: (Japanese only)

8. MK Restaurant (MKレストラン 新宿店)


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Thailand-based MK Restaurant.

The franchise originates from Thailand and offers both Japanese-style and Thai-style Shabu Shabu. For the latter, you can choose a Tom Yum soup base and as for side dishes, there are dim sum options in their selection. For most diners, the highlight of the meal is MK’s signature spicy dipping sauce. However, if you’re not keen on the hot flavor, you can go with the Ponzu (citrus soy sauce) or the Gomadare (creamy sesame sauce).

Address: Shinjuku Bunka Building 3F, 3 Chome-13-3 Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Price: ¥2,000 ~ ¥2,999

Website: (Japanese only)

9. Kisoji (木曽路)


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Shabu Shabu from Kisoji.

Kisoji is on the posh side of Shabu Shabu dining. Its approach is old-school from its interiors and kimono-clad staffs to its recipes and cooking techniques. They serve Kuroge-Wagyu and Matsuzaka beef as base meat, while a more luxurious course menu adds crab, tempura, sushi and sashimi platters.

Address: Shinjuku New Fuji Building 4-6F, 3-17-5 Shinjuku Shinjuku Tokyo

Price: ¥8,000 ~ ¥9,999


10. Seryna (瀬里奈)


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Premium Shabu Shabu from Seryna.

When it comes to Shabu Shabu dining, Seryna is top tier. With the restaurant perched on the 52nd floor of Shinjuku’s Sumitomo Building, there’s a great city view to be had and an exquisite food to savor. This place is best known for its melts-in-your-mouth Kobe Beef Shabu Shabu and Crab Shabu Shabu specialties. It comes with a hefty price tag for it meals, but then again, a great meal is always worth a splurge.

Address: 52F Sumitomo Building 2-6-1 Nishishinjuku Shinjuku Tokyo

Price: ¥15,000 ~ ¥19,999


Information in this article is as of August 2016. Refer to the official websites for the latest information.

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