There are variations of Shabu-shabu with pork, chicken, lamb and crab meat, with lot of vegetables, tofu, mushrooms, somewhere even noodles. When it is cooked, it is served with sesame sauce and cooked rice.

What Shabu-shabu means? Basically, it is a sound of all those tasty ingredients cooking in boiling water. The main trick is to put all those thin layers of meat for a moment in boiling water because otherwise it will be overcooked. Don’t confuse it with sukiyaki, although sukiyaki is also hot pot, it is prepared differently, and it is dipped in raw beaten eggs before eating. There are so many recipes online for this dish but the best Shabu-shabu you can only get in Japan. Here are 10 best Shabu-shabu restaurants in Shibuya.

1. Matsukiya (松木家)

Matsukiya is wonderful house restaurant in traditional style with tatami seats, very comfortable and stylish. In beautiful surrounding, you will have an opportunity to enjoy in great Shabu-shabu and sukiyaki. Although the main hall of Matsukiya restaurant is big, there are also private rooms for banquets and business parties.

Address: 6-8 Maruyamacho, Shibuya Tokyo


2. Shabuzen Shibuya (しゃぶ禅 渋谷店)

Shabuzen restaurant is a great place, where you can take your family to family lunch. With a capacity of 160 seats and many private dining rooms, you will feel like at home. This restaurant is working on Sundays as well. A special touch is an all-you-can-eat and all you can drink buffet, with the big choice of various dishes. For this restaurant, it is better to have reservations, because it is always crowded and very popular.

Address: 10-8 Kamiyamacho, Shibuya Tokyo


3. Atari (‐當‐ 渋谷道玄坂)

After few minutes walk from Shibuya station, you will find this sweet little restaurant. Atari is working even during late night hours (after 10 pm). In case you want to enjoy the menu, except Shabu-shabu this restaurant offers a rich selection of dishes from vegetables, for all fans of a healthy lifestyle.

Address: 2-20-26 Dogenzaka Shibuya Tokyo


4. Minato (港 渋谷店)

Minato restaurant is a place, that you come to visit, especially during night hours. Beautiful view and great menu are special recommendations. What is so special about this restaurant is a fact, that you could enjoy in vegetarian menu and seafood specialties. The greatest delight is tai fish Shabu-shabu.

Address: 2-25-10 Dogenzaka Shibuya Tokyo


5. Mimiu (美々卯 シブヤ西武店)

309 m from Shibuya station is located Mimiu restaurant. It is actually small, but comfortable place, with affordable prices. They offer udon noodles hot pot (Udonsuki) as their specialty. In case you want to come with kids, this restaurant, and their friendly staffs will give their best that your kids are feeling welcome.

Address: 21-1 Udagawacho Shibuya Tokyo


6. Shibuyabatake (しぶや畑)

Romantic, calm atmosphere in this restaurant will leave you speechless. Shibuyabatake is a wonderful, cozy restaurant with a plenty of private rooms. According to numerous visitors here you can try finest Shabu-shabu, with Japanese Wagyu beef.

Address: 1-23-13 Jinnan Shibuya Tokyo


7. Shibuya Saien Bejibaru (渋谷菜園べじばる)

Shibuya Saien Bejibaru is a stylish comfortable tavern, very close to Shibuya station. With a great menu of Shabu-shabu and vegetable dishes, flexible working hours and very kind working staff, it is definitely something that you shouldn’t miss. If you want to eat healthily you should come here, because the offer of this restaurant includes the best selection of vegetables in Shibuya and the best soup from vegetables, that you can get.

Address: 33-12 Udagawacho Shibuya Tokyo


 8. Onyasai (温野菜 代々木西口店)

Do you want to try Shabu-shabu, in the authentic Japanese interior at affordable prices?All-you-can-eat buffet, with all varieties of delicious Shabu-shabu you can find in Onyasai. It is easy to find, because Onyasai is one of the biggest chain shabu-shabu restaurants, and also a group of famous Yakiniku chain restaurant Gyukaku.

Address: 1 Chome-22-9 Jinnan Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Website: (Japanese Only)

9. Tajimaya (但馬屋 渋谷店)

Excellent environment of Tayimaya restaurant with wonderful lounge chairs, beautiful interior and menu lures even the most experienced gourmets. It is good to know that Tajimaya has cheapest all-you-can-eat menu from ¥950 for lunch. Visit this great restaurant and you will not regret it.

Address: 12-9 Udagawacho Shibuya Tokyo


10. Miroku (みろく 渋谷店

Miroku is little izakaya (tavern), where you can sit, watch sports with friends and enjoy in hot steamy Shabu-shabu or specialties of Okinawan cuisine. People in this restaurant are relaxed, energy is amazing and staff is kind and friendly. That highly recommends this restaurant for visit.

Address: 35-6 Udagawacho Shibuya Tokyo



Information in this article is as of November 2016. Refer to the official websites for the latest information.

Thumbnail image is from Flickr