Is raw fish too tame for you? In Japan, sashimi is more than just fish and seafood. There are a few other things that you can eat raw; most popular of which are Basashi (horse meat) and Torisashi (chicken meat). Restaurants that serve them aren’t as many though, given that the preparation for raw meat is much more delicate than fish. And should you want to try these rather unusual delicacies, go for specialized eateries with good customer ratings.

Lucky for you adventurous eater, we have compiled a list of these places. No need to worry about anything else and just go straight to psyching yourself up for a raw meat eating challenge. Serving only fresh and high-grade meat, check out these 10 restaurants in Tokyo to try horse and chicken sashimi:

Raw Horse Meat “Basashi” Restaurants

1. Haneuma (馬肉バル 跳ね馬)

Haneuma is an Italian bar that serves wine, tapas, pizza, pasta, steaks, and a slew of horse meat dishes, which of course includes Basashi. Just like steak, Basashi partnered with Italian wine is always delicious. Throw in this restaurant’s chic interiors; you’re up for a classy night out in Tokyo.

Address: 5-22-5 Shiba Minato Tokyo

Price: ¥3,000 ~ ¥3,999

Website: (Japanese only)

2. Basashiya Masashi (馬刺屋マサシ 浅草店)

Basashiya Masashi’s horse meat comes from Kumamoto region in Japan. To give more context, if Kobe is the star region when it comes to beef, then Kumamoto is the Kobe equivalent for horse meat. In this Asakusa restaurant, you can also enjoy a variety of Kumamoto specialty dishes, and in case your companions are not keen on eating horse meat raw, they could try the sukiyaki version. It’s quite popular among locals too!

Address: 6F HK Asakusa Building 1 Chome-1-16 Asakusa Taito Tokyo

Price: ¥3,000 ~ ¥3,999

Website: (Japanese only)

3. Kanda Shinpachi (神田新八)

Come to Kanda Shinpachi if you’re looking for an izakaya with a rustic vibe, an arsenal of Japanese sake, and high-quality sashimi. Sashimi here are of different varieties, from the usual seafood fare to the unusual Basashi, suppon (snapping turtle), anko (angler fish), and torafugu (puffer fish). It’s a piece of gem in Tokyo’s downtown district; only high-grade stuff for wonderful food and drinking experience.

Address: 2-9-1 Kajicho Chiyoda Tokyo

Price: ¥8,000 ~ ¥9,999


4. Minoya (桜なべ みの家 本店)

Minoya has been a horse meat specialist since 1897. Their signature dish is Sakuranabe or horse meat hot pot. It is named after sakura or cherry blossoms because of the bright red color of the flesh, and this sakura motif is used repeatedly in Minoya, from the names of the dishes to the styling of the restaurant’s beautiful old-house interior.

Address: 2-19-9 Morishita Koto Tokyo

Price: ¥6,000 ~ ¥7,999

Website: (Japanese only)

5. Nikuzushi Kagurazaka (肉寿司 神楽坂毘沙門天)

If you want sashimi and sushi options for your horse meat, then Nikuzushi Kagurazaka is the place to be. They make expertly crafted basashi and sushi out of different cuts and parts. While you’re at it, you might also want to go all the way and try their raw chicken, wagyu, and pork skin sushi offering.

Address: 1 Fukuromachi, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Price: ¥3,000 ~ ¥3,999

Website: (Japanese only) (Japanese only)

Raw Chicken Meat “Torisashi” Restaurants

6. Juban Ukyo (十番右京)

Ukyo is a popular sake bar with over 200 varieties to choose from where its menu is designed in such a way that each item pairs well with this drink. They can get really creative with their dishes using luxurious ingredients like truffles, foie gras, uni, and caviar. With so many unique creations in Ukyo’s menu, you get more than just satisfying your curiosity for raw chicken meat.

Address: 2-6-3 Azabujuban Minato Tokyo

Price: ¥6,000 ~ ¥7,999


7. Akira (あきら)

Akira is a popular chicken specialist restaurant and although categorized as a Yakitori, its raw offerings are just as good as the grilled ones. Their Torisashimi platter makes for a good appetizer as you wait for your entrée. It has servings of different chicken parts from chicken breast to chicken liver, garnished with veggies.

This restaurant is located by the river and if you’re going on a date, there are a few tables that offer a really nice view. The place is always fully booked though, so it’s always best to book a reservation way in advance.

Address: 1-10-23 Nakameguro Meguro Tokyo

Price: ¥4,000 ~ ¥4,999

Website: (Japanese only)

8. Morimoto (森本)

Torisashi at Morimoto.

Torisashi at Morimoto. From Flickr

“Enjoy the food and move on,” a sign with this message hangs inside this small Yakitori in Shibuya. Dining at Morimoto is always a quick affair but it never ever disappoints. Since 1952, it has been serving its customers their specialties which include Torisashi, Tsukune (ground chicken patties), and grilled skewered Anago (conger eel). Much of Shibuya has changed since this joint first opened, but what remains the same is Tokyoites’ patronage of this ultra-popular eatery. This basically confirms Morimoto’s legendary status among locals.

Address: Hamanoue Bldg 1F 2-7-4 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Price: ¥4,000 ~ ¥4,999

Website: (Japanese only)

9. Toriki (鳥樹)

Anthony Bourdain had his first taste of Torisashi here. We repeat. Anthony Bourdain had his first taste of Torisashi here.

You must find this piece of information interesting that you are now warming up to the idea of commuting to the suburbs of Shinagawa to eat chicken. Ever since the feature, Toriki has been a foodie destination for tourists but to its credit, it already has a strong local following even before that.

The shop’s signature dish is Tataki – chicken seared on the outside but with meat cooked medium rare, served with a special dressing. On the menu is a host of other chicken recipes like Tebasaki (chicken wings), Kawa (chicken skin), and the classic yakitori. If you need more reasons to make a pilgrimage to Toriki, it is also a One Michelin Star restaurant.

Address: 3-11-13 Hatanodai Shinagawa Tokyo

Price: ¥3,000 ~ ¥3,999

Website: (Japanese only)

10. Hachiman (はちまん)

Hachiman offers great yakitori dining for reasonable prices. It is located near Waseda University, which is 1 train change and 3 stops away from Shinjuku Station. They specialize both in sake and chicken dishes that uses only high-quality ingredients. There are only limited seats in this restaurant, so a reservation is a must.

Address: 3-1-1 Nishiwaseda Shinjuku Tokyo

Price: ¥4,000 ~ ¥4,999

Website: (Japanese only)

Information in this article is as of August 2016. Refer to the official websites for the latest information.

Thumbnail image is from Flickr