It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that eating ramen is a way of life in Japan. This popular noodle dish has been around for a very long time. Food artisans who specialize in creating delicious ramen, go out of their way to start everything from scratch.

This method is often used by well-established restaurants all over the country. What I’m trying to say is that they make their own noodles, their own specialty broth and their own unique flavor that will make you slurp your ramen until nothing is left. It’s almost impossible not to find a restaurant that doesn’t serve delicious ramen in any prefecture in Japan, and Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture is not an exception.

Here are the 10 best places to enjoy delicious ramen in Sendai.

1. Chukasoba Kaichi (中華そば 嘉一)

Chukasoba Kaichi’s specialty lies in the simple flavor of their soup that uses only chicken. They cut fresh chicken every morning to ensure that the taste will retain its freshness. The clear and rich chicken broth is delicious and would be the perfect meal for those who want to enjoy delicious ramen in Sendai.

Address: 3 Chome-8-12 Kokubuncho, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi Prefecture

Website: (Japanese Only)

2. Mensho Genryu (麺匠 玄龍)

Mensho Genryu is located in a residential area near the National Route. The goal of the owner of this restaurant is to make his customer happy whenever they dine inside his establishment. That is also the reason why he goes out of his way to make delicious ramen that will make them come back for more. Mensho Genryu offer Syoyu (soy sauce), Shio (salt) and Miso Ramen.

Address: 4-14-13 Koriyama Taihaku-Ku, Sendai 982-0003, Miyagi Prefecture

Website: (Japanese Only)

3. Ramen Kuroku (らーめん くろく)

Ramen Kuroku is just a minute walk from the station. The ramen at this restaurant has a delicate and savory taste. Their homemade noodle is chewy and compliments the soup well.

Address: 2 Chome-2-12 Tsutsujigaoka, Miyagino-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi Prefecture


4. Ramen Honkamado (らーめん 本竈)

Ramen Honkamado is popular with their “double soup”, mixture of chicken bone, pork bone, chicken, vegetables, bonito flakes, mackerel flakes, and seaweed, etc. Their shrimp wanton ramen is one of their most recommended dish and people quite enjoy its delicious taste. Take note that this restaurant is quite popular in the area, so there are times when it can get very crowded especially during peak hours.

Address: 3-5-12 Iwakiribundai Miyagino-Ku, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture

Website: (Japanese Only)

5. Kumagai (くまがい)

Kumagai is a ramen store that is best visited alone. There are only 19 seats (9 counter seats and 10 table seats) so it is not advisable to go as a group. Most of the time, you’ll find yourself waiting in line before you enter this restaurant and taste their highly recommended chicken soup ramen.
Address: 1-8-16 Miyagino-Ku Tsurugaya, Sendai 983-0824, Miyagi Prefecture


6. Mizusawaya (みずさわ屋)

Mizusawaya is a well-established restaurant that is a bit far from the center of Sendai. The thin noodles and the semi-transparent soy sauce soup will give you a good first impression. The meat and egg toppings make a perfect accompaniment and enhance the taste to a satisfying degree.

Address: 5-22-3 Kuryu Aoba-ku Sendai Miyagi


7. Jikasei Futomen Watanabe (自家製太麺 渡辺)

Like many specialty ramen restaurants, Jikasei Futomen Watanabe creates their own homemade ramen noodles that compliment their soup base. The soy sauce soup is a bit salty, but nevertheless, it taste good and many customers enjoy slurping their noodles due to its taste.

Address: 18-1 Niimichi, Ichinazaka, Izumi-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi 981-3117


8. Makai Ramen Gekkou (魔界ラーメン 月光)

Makai Ramen Gekkou is well known for their chicken salt ramen. The soup is a bit oily, but that won’t stop you from finishing your bowl of ramen. The broiled chicken barbecue topping greatly enhances the taste of the ramen and creates a delicious and filling meal that anyone would enjoy.

Address: 8-22-18 Nakayama Aoba-ku Sendai Miyagi


9. Issenkaku (一閃閣)

Issenkaku serves delicious pork (tonkotsu) ramen that would make you want to order another bowl. This restaurant is also open 24 hours a day, which is perfect for people who don’t want to line up and wait for their turn (since they can go there anytime they want to). The most recommended item on their menu is “Nagahama Ramen”, either Kotteri (thick) or Assai (light).

Address: 2-10-10 Kokubuncho Aoba-ku Sendai Miyagi


10.Menya Masamune (麺屋政宗)

Menya Masamune is just a few minutes walk away from Sendai Station where focused on tsukemen dipping noodles. The barbecued pork toppings is a welcome addition to their salty soup ramen. The green onions that float in the clear soup add a bit of sweetness to its taste, and their thick noodles are quite filling as well.

Address: 1-6-39 Chuo, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture



All information in this article is as of May 2017

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