The number of Izakaya in Roppongi has increased over the years and with good reason. Being one of the most popular nightlife districts in Tokyo, it is only natural to find many Izakayas in the Roppongi Area. For people who have an active nightlife, it is almost impossible not to be acquainted with some of the famous Izakaya as they pass the night away.

Whether you prefer traditional or modern Izakayas, there will always be one that will suit your taste. This article will introduce you to some of the best Izakaya that you can find in Roppongi.

Feel free to visit the 10 best Izakaya in Roppongi and have a great time!

1. Koma (こま)

Koma is a great Izakaya that is perfect for a night of eating and drinking with your friends. Their wide selection of food and drinks keeps the conversation lively and more often than not, time will just pass by without you noticing it. Without a doubt, Koma is one of the best places in Roppongi to drink the night away.

Address: 1-5-10 Azabujuban Minato Tokyo


2. Torikou (乃木坂 鳥幸)

Torikou is a restaurant that specializes on high-quality yakitori (grilled chicken). Of course, the food is not limited to yakitori, but if you want to eat delicious yakitori, you definitely have to go to Torikou. They offer a good selection of food and drinks that are guaranteed to satisfy your palate.

Address: 9-6-30 Akasaka Minato Tokyo


3. Sasano (酒呑)

Sasano is an Izakaya that specializes in sake. Those who prefer to drink sake over wine will find this place to their liking. If you’re not sure what to order, you can also ask for recommendations. The staff will tell you which food will compliment your drinks and you can start from there. Their seafood dishes are great and go perfectly well with sake.

Address: 9-6-23 Akasaka Minato Tokyo


4. Uokatsu (魚可津)

For those who want to eat and drink till they’re full, Uokatsu is the place to visit. This Izakaya has a good selection of food and drinks. Their assorted platters and rice bowls are highly recommended as well. Their service is great, and the food is reasonably priced. What more can you ask for?

Address: 1-6-5 Azabujuban Minato Tokyo

Website: (Japanese Only)

5. Warayakiya (わらやき屋 六本木)

Warayakiya is a popular restaurant in Roppongi, and their fame came from the special way they grill their seafood dishes. The restaurant has nice interior decorations that adds elegance to the place. Their katsuo tataki (grilled bonito) is their most popular dish and with good reason. It’s perfectly grilled on the outside but retains its fresh sashimi flavor on the inside. Warayakiya is great for those who are looking for a unique dining experience in Roppongi.

Address: 6-8-8 Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo


6. Hashimoto (はし本)

Hashimoto is an average sized restaurant that has a nice variety of food and drinks. Their specialty is ducks, and they also serve hot pot dishes on their menu. The atmosphere is nice and comfortable and suitable for dining even if you’re alone. If you are looking for a good place to eat out in Roppongi, then this place would be ideal for you.

Address: 4-4-11 Roppongi Minato Tokyo


7. MEAT MAN (肉男)

MEAT MAN is a hidden gem in the high-class environment of Roppongi Hills. Although this Izakaya is small, it’s filled with amazing food, drinks, and amazing people. At first glance, you’d think that it’s just one of those regular Izakayas in Tokyo. However, after you taste their food, you will be blown away by its taste. Their specialty is serving meat in amazing styles, which is something to look forward to. Try to get there as early as possible because it can get crowded due to the limited number of seats.

Address: 4-8-8 Roppongi Minato Tokyo


8. Bistro Shirubei (びぃすとろ 汁べゑ)

Bistro Shirubei is one of the places in Roppongi that you’d definitely visit more than once. This restaurant focuses on Shizuoka style Oden. The characteristics of Shizuoka style Oden is that they are mainly skewers and the color of the soup is very black. The staff is very polite, attentive and friendly to their guests. It is easy to ask for recommendations, and their service is satisfactory. The food is delicious, and you will agree that it is worthy of its price. Bistro Shirubei is a great place that will give you a first good impression.

Address: 4-11-4 Roppongi Minato Tokyo


9. Gonpachi (権八 西麻布)

Gonpachi has earned the nickname as the “Kill Bill Restaurant” because the restaurant was used for shooting in the film Kill Bill. Once you enter its doors, you’ll notice that the majority of their guests are tourists. It may seem that the food and drinks are catered to the western palate because of the sheer number of tourists that visit the place. Maybe it’s due to the design of the restaurant, maybe it’s the food, or maybe it’s both. Nevertheless, you will not regret visiting this restaurant.

Address: 1-13-11 Nishiazabu Minato Tokyo


10. Ippo (一歩)

Ippo is another yakitori specialized Izakaya that you’ll find in Tokyo. The interior design is a bit stylish which creates a good atmosphere. They also serve sake, red and white wine that compliments the yakitori perfectly. If you prefer to eat delicious yakitori for a reasonable price, then head straight to Ippo. If you dine here often, you’d probably grow some chicken wings on your back (joke).

Address: 2-13-15 Nishiazabu Minato Tokyo


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