Asakusa has developed as a downtown of Tokyo since Edo period, which means few hundred years ago. Therefore, many traditional Izakayas (Japanese bars or taverns) appears in this area. Many of them are loved by local Japanese for a few decades, sometimes for hundreds of years! Here is the list of 10 best Izakaya in Asakusa. Pick one from here to experience traditional Japanese bars!

1. Yamasuke (山介)

Yamasuke is a small traditional Izakaya, where you can enjoy tasty fish dishes and a wide selection of Japanese sake. Their dishes are thought to suit best with sake. Their specialty is soba noodles to enjoy at the end of the meal. Their homemade soba noodles are a must-try here. According to good reviews from the locals, this is the best place where you can relax after work with your co-workers.

Address: 3-20-6 Higashikomagata Sumida Tokyo

2. Shouchan (正ちゃん)

If you are looking little cozy place to enjoy local Japanese food, you could find Shouchan 154 meters from Asakusa. It’s located along the famous “Hoppy-Dori (Hoppy Street)” where small Izakayas gather and locals eat and chat. In Shouchan, kind staffs will make you feel very welcomed here. Shouchan is kids and pets friendly Izakaya, too. They are well known by their beef stew- Gyu Nikomi, which seems to be very popular among locals.

Address: 2-7-13 Asakusa Taito Tokyo

3. DAIMASU Sake Bar (酒の大桝雷門店)

DAIMASU Sake Bar is a comfy arranged Izakaya, with a long counter and 40 seats. You can enjoy your meal at very affordable prices. This bar is operated by a liqueur store, and they have over 100 kinds of Japanese sake on their menu. Another good point is that you can bring sake you bought at the Daimasu liqueur store to the bar if you pay additional 500 yen. Their food is thought to be eaten with Japanese sake, so customers should enjoy the harmony of sake and food here.

Address: 1-2-8 Asakusa Taito Tokyo
Website: (Japanese Only)

4. Akagaki (赤垣)

Akagaki is a traditional Izakaya with a long tradition, founded in 1917. In this Izakaya, you will enjoy a local menu, particular about fish and local drinks such as Japanese sake (Nihonshu) and Japanese spirits (Shochu). They have about 60 kinds of food menu and all of them are around 500 yen for each.

Address: 1-23-3 Asakusa Taito Tokyo
Website: (Japanese only)

5. Torishou (鶏翔)

In Torishou you can enjoy in the best Japanese yakitori and other skewers. This Izakaya is very close to Asakusa Station, with a wide range of yakitori dishes, working even in extended party hours. Torishou is very particular about the freshness of chicken. Their raw Tsukune limited for 13 plates per day and white liver are must-try.

Address: 2-35-14 Asakusa Taito Tokyo

6. Komagata Dozeu (駒形どぜう)

Komagata Dozeu is a long-standing traditional Japanese restaurant that specializes in Dojo Nabe (loach hot pot). Loach hot pot is a traditional Edo (Tokyo) dish that was common during the Edo Period. Find this unique dish at Komagata Dozeu!

Address: 1-7-12 Komagata, Taito-ku Tokyo

7. Sobamae Tsurugi (朝〆鴨料理蕎麦前つるぎ 浅草店)

In Sobamae Tsurugi, one-minute-walk from Asakusa station, you could enjoy soba noodles and sashimi. Pleasant atmosphere and friendly English staff, are also recommendations for this Izakaya. Here is also available vegetarian and healthy menu. Specialties of Sobamae Tsurugi are dishes with ducks and soba noodles.

Address: Masuda Building B1, 1-1-17, Asakusa, Taitou-ku, Tokyo

8. Izakaya Takemaru (浅草居酒屋 たけ。)

In Takemaru, you will enjoy exceptional yakitori chicken skewers, made by the owner himself. Yakitori chicken in this Izakaya is served with their unique gold sauce. This restaurant is very kids friendly.

Address: 1F, 2-11-1, Asakusa, Taitou-ku, Tokyo

9. Kamameshi Haru (釜めし春浅草本店)

Kamameshi Haru is a big comfortable Izakaya with tatami seats and chairs. In Kamameshi Haru, you can enjoy Kamameshi- rice dish cooked in iron pots and great yakitori. This place is said to be the original place invented Kamameshi, with the history of 94 years. For travelers, the menu is written in English, Chinese, and Korean.

Address: 1-14-9, Asakusa, Taitou-ku, Tokyo

10. Kamiya (香味家)

On 3-minute-walk from Asakusa station, you will find Kamiya. Kamiya is a local pub, where you can enjoy in amazing tastes of Monjayaki and Okonomiyaki. English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean menu are available here.

Address: 1-15-6, Asakusa, Taitou-ku, Tokyo

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