Nikko can be considered as one of the centers of Mountain worship, for both the Shinto and Buddhist Religion during ancient times. Tourists flock this small town to visit the shrines as well as to marvel at the beauty of the landscapes and natural wonders, that can be found in this quiet town at the foot of Mt. Nyoho.

Famous attractions like the Toshogu, Rinnoji Temple, Futarasan, Taiyuin, and the Shinko Bridge are the landmarks that make Nikko one of the best tourist destinations in Japan. Of course, if you are planning to stay at Nikko for a few days, it is important to do a bit of research on where you are going to stay during your travels.

Here are some of the best hostels and guesthouses that you can find in Nikko.

1. Sumika

Guesthouse Sumika is just a 2-minute walk from JR Nikko Train Station and 1-minute walk from Tobu Nikko Station. A two stories building that has 4 guest rooms and conveniently located near the bus and train station. The staff is very friendly and do their best to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Sumika is a small guesthouse that can accommodate a maximum of 10 guests at a time (there is also a female only dormitory).

Address: 5-12 Aioi-cho, Nikko-city, Tochigi, Japan 321-1413


2. Nikkorisou Backpackers

Nikkorisou Backpackers is a guesthouse that gives off a rustic and traditional Japanese atmosphere. There are some interesting things that you can find in this guesthouse, like tips for travelers on what places to visit and how to truly enjoy their stay at Nikko. The owner has a great personality and very hospitable to his guests. Nikkorisou offers discounts for travelers who stay for more than 2 nights. They also have a women only dormitory as well.

Address: 321-1401 Tochigi, Nikko, Kamihatsuishimachi 1107, Japan



STAY NIKKO GUESTHOUSE is about two kilometers away from the famous Toshogu Shrine. This chick and lovely guesthouse offer great views of the Nikko Mountain range and the lovely flow of the Daiya River. Their smiling cat logo with the words “Stay Nikko Guesthouse” shows the playful side of the owners this charming establishment.

Address: 2-360-13 Inarimachi Nikko-shi Tochigi-ken


4. Nikkosan Back Packers Inn

Nikkosan Back Packers Inn is just a 7-minute walk from Tobu Nikko Station. The staff also speaks good English which makes things easier for those who don’t know how to speak Japanese. Nikkosan Back Packers also have bike rentals for those who like to explore the area while riding a bike.

Address: 1-362-8, Inarimachi, Nikko-shi, Tochigi, Japan


5. SPACE riverhouse

SPACE riverhouse is an amazing place to stay at Nikko. The open air lounge by the river is a great place to have BBQ with your friends. SPACE riverhouse also has a free western style breakfast until 10 AM. At night, you’ll be gazing at a starry sky which creates a wonderful and memorable experience. The main reason why the starry sky is beautiful is because the place is far away from the major sightseeing sight, and other hotels in the area.

Address: Minami Okorogawa 2254-7, Nikko, Nikko, Japan


6. Nikko Gasthof Ami

Nikko Gasthof Ami is a very modern guesthouse in Nikko. It’s a 7-minute walk from the Nikko Botanical Garden and offers great mountain views. The Western style rooms have air conditioning as well as private bathrooms. If you’re looking for a place with a contemporary and western feel in Nikko, this guesthouse will suit your taste perfectly.

Address: 100 Kujiramachi Nikko-shi, Tochigi-ken

Website: (Japanese Only)

7. Shoukouan

Shoukouan is a traditional style inn that is a 10-minute walk from JR East Ryomo Ashikaga Station. The area around the inn is perfect for hiking and cycling. An old Japanese house style hostel that is a little away from Nikko and has a great atmosphere. A great place to revitalize yourself and escape the hustle and bustle of the city life. The owners are very nice and heartwarming people.

Address: 2381 Daimondori, Ashikaga-shi, Tochigi-ken

Website: (Japanese Only)

8. B&B Hotel VIVA Nikko

Hotel VIVA Nikko is a 4-minute walk from the JR Nikko Station and 2-minutes walk from Tobu Nikko Station. They have wide and spacious rooms that are great for those who travel in groups. The hostel offers complimentary western breakfast of bread, jam, egg and yogurt. There is also a PC that you can use if you want to connect to the internet.

Address: 258-2 Matsubaracho Nikko-shi, Tochigi-ken


9. Villa Revage

Villa Revage is a family owned hostel and is one of the most recommended places to stay at Nikko. It is conveniently located near the Bus Stop and provides easy access to the tourist spots in the area.

The rooms are clean and comfortable, and the private baths provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Address: 321-1436 Tochigi, Nikko, Kujiramachi 1800, Japan


10. Nikko Suginamikimichi Youth Hostel (Minshuku Shinkouen)

Nikko Suginamikimichi Youth Hostel offers both Japanese and Western accommodations complete with Wi-fi, massage chairs, and bicycle rentals. A perfect place to relax during your stay at Nikko

Address: 321-2345 Tochigi, Nikko, Kiwatashima 2112-7, Japan

Website: (Japanese Only)

Data is as of December 2016

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