Ryogoku is the center of sumo culture in Japan. A place where great men with great appetites gather together to eat, compete and have a great time. This city will amaze you with what it has to offer. Of course, a visit to Ryogoku won’t be complete without going to the stadium to watch a few sumo matches.

After the match, you can check out the various restaurants or cafes in the area for a hearty meal. If you like, you can even try the hotpot called “Chankonabe” that sumo wrestlers love to eat. So take your time and check out the 10 best food finds in Ryogoku for yummy food.

1. Chanko Tomoegata (ちゃんこ巴潟)

Chanko Tomoegata is a restaurant that is conveniently located near the sumo museum. You ask what is their specialty? None other than Chankonabe! Yes, if you want to gain fat like a sumo wrestler you need to familiarize yourself with this dish (Sumo weight gain diet). If not, you still need to eat this dish! Because you will definitely regret it if you don’t. Enjoy the overflowing hotpot of meat, seafood, and tofu. Just make it a part of your “cheat day” and everything is going to be fine…probably.

Address: 2-17-6 Ryogoku Sumida Tokyo

Website: http://www.tomoegata.com (Japanese Only)

2. Ami (安美 両国総本店)

Ami is an Izakaya where you can enjoy the sumo spirit. Ryogoku is a place of strong (and fat) men. So naturally one of their most popular dishes is the Chankonabe. So be a man and order a Chankonabe to have a taste of what those proud sumo warriors eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Just make sure not to eat it every day!

Address: 3-26-6 Ryogoku Sumida Tokyo

Website: http://www.sakanaya-group.com/05ami/index.html (Japanese Only)

3. Sumo Chaya Terao (相撲茶屋 寺尾)

Sumo Chaya Terao is owned by a family of sumo wrestlers. So you can be assured that you’re eating the right stuff for your sumo needs. Choose your favorite soup base (soy sauce, curry, ponzu, and miso) and start adding those meat slices and seafood. If that’s not enough, you can also order rice or udon as a side dish to fully enjoy your chankonabe experience.

Address: 2-16-5 Ryogoku Sumida Tokyo

Website: http://www.sumouchaya-terao.jp (Japanese Only)

4. Beer Club Popeye (麦酒倶楽部 ポパイ)

Beer Club Popeye is not the home of Popeye the Sailorman. However, this is a great place if you’re looking for a wide selection of craft beers. With about 100 beers to tap and taste you’ll be sure to find one to your liking. A lively place if you don’t mind the crowd. You can also meet some new drinking buddies if you socialize enough.

Address: 2-18-7 Ryogoku Sumida Tokyo

Website: http://www.lares.dti.ne.jp/~ppy/ (Japanese Only)

5. Hasegawa (はせ川)

Hasegawa is a small restaurant that specializes in Tonkatsu. You get to taste delicious tonkatsu in all its deep-fried goodness. Crispy on the outside, but juicy on the inside. Take note that the tonkatsu at Hasegawa is quite thick so expect a filling meal.

Address: 3-24-1 Ryogoku Sumida Tokyo

Website: http://tonkatsu-hasegawa.com (Japanese Only)

6. Wine Shop & Diner FUJIMARU

Wine Shop & Dinner FUJIMARU is not a place that you visit by chance. Either it was recommended to you by someone, looked for it on the internet, found the signboard interesting or just got plain lucky. No matter the reason, you can reward yourself by ordering the dishes on their menu and buying a drink or two. They have a great selection of French, Italian and Japanese wine for those who are familiar with them.

Address: 2-27-19 Higashinihonbashi Chuo Tokyo

Website: http://www.papilles.net/en/index.html

7. Kikyouya (桔梗家)

Kikyouya is one of the many restaurants in Tokyo that offers loach and unagi donburi. If you are in Ryogoku and craving for loach and unagi head straight to this restaurant. The unagi is crispy and delicious, while the loach is quite good as well.

Address: 1-13-15 Ryogoku Sumida-ku Tokyo

Website: http://www.dozeu-kikyouya.com (Japanese Only)

8. Stone (ストーン)

Stone is a traditional cafe in Ryogoku that offers curry and pasta. Their curry is quite popular with the locals and tourists alike. Their curry is cooked and baked with a piece of pottery, so it’s quite an interesting concept to say the least. The rich and flavorful taste will make you realize the reason why Stone is a popular cafe in Ryogoku.

Address: 1-10-12 Asakusabashi Taito Tokyo

Website: https://tabelog.com/en/tokyo/A1311/A131103/13031461/

9. Edo Soba Hosokawa (江戸蕎麦ほそ川)

Edo Soba Hosokawa is without a doubt one of the best soba restaurants in Ryogoku. The chef is dedicated to the art of soba making so you are assured of its quality and taste. Enjoy the anago tempura (conger eel) while dipping your firm and chewy soba noodles in their special sauce. Definitely, soba noodles at its finest.

Address: 1 Chome-6-5 Kamezawa Sumida-ku, Tokyo

Website: http://www.edosoba-hosokawa.jp/index.html (Japanese Only)

10. Tokyo Shouten (東京商店)

Tokyo Shouten is all about Japanese sake. Just grab a cup and choose your favorite sake from the vending machine and you’re done. Make sure to order some snacks to go along with your sake for a better drinking experience.

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Address: Ryogoku Edo NOREN 1F, 1-3-20 Yokonetsu Sumida-ku, Tokyo

Website: http://shouten.tokyo (Japanese Only)

Data is as of April 2018

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