Yokohama is Japan’s second largest city and home to over three million people. It is also the first city who first opened its port to foreign traders. Who would have thought that the small fishing village, will turn into Japan’s second largest city and become the host to many popular festivals that is well known all over the country?

Every festival is unique and brings their own excitement to those who will participate in the event. Fireworks, colorful costumes and outstanding performances are some of the things that you will see in these lively festivals. So bring your friends and check the event schedule to have the opportunity to experience these festivals firsthand.

Here are the 10 best festivals that you can enjoy in Yokohama.

1.Yokohama Kaikosai Festival

The Yokohama Kaikosai Festival is without a doubt the most anticipated event that happens in June. Live performances are held to commemorate the opening of the port of Yokohama. When night arrives, the city comes to life as dazzling fireworks illuminate the sky and amaze the spectators who specifically traveled to Yokohama to witness this yearly event.

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2. Minatomirai Dai Bon Odori

The Minatomirai Dai Bon Odori is an event where people can participate and enjoy the traditional Japanese dance called Bon Odori. This is a special event that happens during the month of Obon, which is August, and is said to be a way to appease and welcome the spirits of the dead during this time of year.

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3. Yokohama Sparkling Twilight

The Yokohama Sparkling Twilight is a summer tradition in the city of Yokohama. The event is held at Yamashita Park and lasts for two days. As the name suggests, sparkling fireworks blossom at the sky when twilight descends on the city. Parades (including ship parades) and other performances are also held during the event to the enjoyment of the crowd.
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4. Yokohama Triennale

The Yokohama Triennale is an event that is held every three years in the city of Yokohama. Various artists both local and abroad display their works at this art exhibition. Before the event is held, they will announce the corresponding themes, and the artists will create their masterpieces that highlight these categories.


5. The Yokohama Parade

The Yokohama Parade is one of the most colorful festivals in Yokohama that is held in May. Thousands of people line-up on the street to watch dance performances by teams wearing beautiful and colorful costumes. Impressive and elaborate floats join the parade and add a sense of majesty to this highly anticipated festival.

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6. Belgian Beer Weekend

Beer lovers head straight to Yamashita Park to give a toast to the Belgian Beer Weekend. Belgian beer has made its way to Japan and became the star of this festival. You get to enjoy and appreciate the taste of the many varieties of Belgian beer that is only available during this event.


7. Yokohama Green Room Festival

Who said that surfers don’t appreciate music and art? The Yokohama Green Room Festival is a two-day festival that allows you to appreciate surfing, music, film, and arts. Shake your body and enjoy the live performances by various performers including famous artists both local and abroad.

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8. Beer Fes Yokohama

Japanese love beer and Beer Fes Yokohama is right up their alley. It is considered as the largest beer festival, and you get to enjoy a wide variety of craft beers in this yearly event. So bring your friends, raise those glasses and enjoy a day of good food and drinks.


9. Chinese New Year in Yokohama China Town

Chinese New Year is a lively event that is held not only in China but also in the Yokohama China Town. The China Town in Yokohama is among the best places to enjoy this traditional Chinese event filled with fireworks, dragon dances, food and merry making.

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10. Yokohama Jazz Promenade

Jazz is a genre of music that many Japanese people appreciate. The Yokohama Jazz Promenade is an event that attests to this belief. It is considered as the largest Jazz festival in the city that attracts over 100,000 people from all over the country and abroad. A grand stage on which local and foreign jazz artists soothe the crowd with jazz music that heals the soul.



All information in this article is as of May 2017

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